The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thanks To The American Movement

Michael Jenkins
October 14, 2003

Dear Family,

Dr. Yang and l sincerely thank the leaders in each region and especially all brothers and sisters (first and second generation) from the American Movement for your steadfast sacrifice in the 7 nations / 40 Day Providence. We conclude the 40 day providence next week. Many will seal the offering on the 40th day in the Holy Land next week as 1400 will gather from Korea, Japan, America and all the European nations. About 400 will come from outside of Israel and maybe 1000 - 2000 will come from Israel. God's providence is on a global march for peace - in the Holy Land and on to the 38th Parallel. We have no enemies as we stand in the role as the inheritor and manifestation of True Parents heart. Its time for healing and reconciliation.

Your sacrifice at this time demonstrates that the inspiration many feel at the imminent coming of God's Kingdom is not only felt in our hearts but is turning into substantive action.

Action is most pleasing to God now. I am deeply grateful dear brothers and sisters. With each step we take on the road of sacrifice and victory we become stronger. Our ancestors and the patriots of our nation, the saints and the presidents are rejoicing at having the opportunity to work through you directly. A piling on effect occurs when you stay with True Parents heart and live it to the best of your ability. The "Piling on" effect is what I would call massive spiritual support. With that support you can literally go through any historical wall and end every division.

Now we are finishing the 40 days here. I am deeply moved by the AFC group in our movement. Our leader Mr. Jim Flynn is directly leading the 840 with Dr. Yang and I and is shining like a lighthouse of hope, confidence and direction for America. 51 Ambassadors for Peace were appointed in New Jersey Saturday with an important U.S. Congressman in attendance and the Commissioner of Education for the United States.

We were a little slow off of the starting line and for the first couple of weeks we didn't have the 120 that God had asked for. Once the call was put out movement wide, an incredible landslide of American (from all ancestries) poured through the gates. Still there are 159 Americans working on the front line. Texas is to be highly commended. Rev. Hernandez responded to Father's heart - heart to heart. Because of Rev. Shin and Rev. Hernandez 15 members came from Texas. Their goal was only 5. God Bless the Lone Star State.

America is on the rise. Not just in members on the front line but also in donations. We are very deeply grateful for the landslide of donations for the Geth Semane Stones. So many members are giving in every way they can. This is the moment of destiny and America will meet the challenge and be victorious. But not alone.

We are walking now in harmony with 7 nations centering on Dr. Yang. We thank God for Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang, Dr.Yang and Mr. Joo - we are one united body. Korea, Japan, America, England, France, Germany and Italy are walking together as one. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian are walking together as one. Muslim, Christian and Jew and all religions are becoming one. Also, the first, second and third Israel are working as one. All the famous Korean National Messiahs, 36 couples and elder leaders are here. (i.e. Rev. Yo Han Lee, Rev. Won Pil Kim, Rev. Su Won Chung, Rev. Ahn.) What a comfort it is to them to see Americans responding (we know its not enough) but many feel that their years of sacrifice previously for America and especially True Parents blood, sweat and tears for 33 years has not been in vain. Please Blessed Families, be strong now. Unite with and support the Regional Directors and the leaders of the organizations that you work with. We are just beginning the revolution to bring in God's Kingdom.

Most importantly we thank God and our True Parents for paying the price necessary to allow us the grace to save the nation and the world.

Thanks America.


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