The Words of the Jenkins Family

Ambassadors For Peace In New Jersey, LA And Now New York

Michael Jenkins
October 18, 2003

Dear Family,

We are now victoriously concluding the 7 nations providence of 40 days. Our final Ambassadors for Peace program concludes today when 200 VIP's, Ambassadors and all the special guests that our World Peace Task Force met over the last 40 days. .

The Ambassadors for Peace Assembly in New Jersey was of the highest quality. The Governors representative, Congressman Pascarell, U.S. Education Commissioner Blount, Mayor Sharpe James chief of Staff, Imam Salaam (of the Nation of Islam) were among the 300 in attendance.

It was a great moment for the 7 nations that had worked diligently along with our New Jersey leadership to bring the top leaders of New Jersey together. Thanks to Rev. Dong Woo Kim for excellent leadership. Special thanks to Rev. Geller, IIFWP, AFC,/ ALC, WFWP, ACLC for total support and cooperation. (Drs. Zal and Josie Velez, Richard Panzer, Hope Igarashi, Cathy Sato, Rev. Dairo Ferribolli, Misayo Bein, Lydia Compton, Ocean Church's Rev. and Mrs. Sato - the Japanese Missionaries and the the Korean National Messiahs of the 840. Because of their sacrifice for 40 days our ACLC and Ambassadors For Peace jumped up to another level. Rev. Michael Jenkins gave the keynote address that showed the Ambassadors for Peace "Principles in Action".

Brothers and Sisters, the evidence of a significant change since October 8th was clearly seen in the New Jersey program. The leaders of the the community and the state are now well aware of the "movement" of people of faith that is rising. We must have absolute faith now that as we step forward the Mayors, Governors and top religious leaders will respond.

Demonstrating the Ambassadors for Peace visit on Capitol Hill to educate Congressman as well as the Blessing and Peace efforts in the Middle East. The room was absolutely packed with every major religion represented. Particularly pleasing in the fact that the ACLC spirit of faith and heart toward the anointing of Father and Mother Moon has also manifested itself in the Ambassadors for Peace. They are now standing strong and totally believe that their "mission" is central to bringing peace in the world. The congressman, who was the former mayor of Patterson was deeply moved. He has overseen the transition of the city of Patterson from a primarily Italian community to a mixed international community with the largest Arab/ Muslim community in America. He was deeply inspired to see so many Muslims and Christians and international people all in one accord at the program. Jeanne Carroll, Principle of New Hope Academy (Pyung Hwa Academy) gave an excellent presentation on the We showed the 5 minute video that was featured at the UN rally that showed the IIFWP / ACLC. On the spot Dr. Velez, Deputy Mayor of West Orange, New Jersey signed up. He is the leader of the Ambassadors for peace in New Jersey. 51 VIP's were made Ambassadors for Peace.

LA had a tremendous program and now New York today.

Now its on to the Holy Land.

Thanks America.


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