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God's Glory Revealed In Israel (1st Installment)

Michael Jenkins
October 23, 2003

(From the Tel Aviv airport on his way to Korea, Rev. Jenkins phoned to give a report about events on the pilgrimage to Israel. However, he had to board the plane before he could complete his message. Here is the first installment.)

October 23, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Again we saw the power of God open up all gates and remove all walls and barriers every step of our journey on the 3rd pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This time not only were the sons of Abraham in the vanguard to bring liberty and reconciliation, but also representatives of the 7 former enemy nations that worked for 40 days in New York to establish the Abel UN also marched side by side through the old city of Jerusalem. Their presence together proclaimed that Godís Kingdom is coming on the earth now that the internal causes of division between these nations have now been solved through the 40-day course which concluded with the rally in Jerusalem. Brothers and sisters from 7 nations walked directly under the guidance of our True Parents, marking a covenant with God here in the Holy Land in a rally where 2,000 gathered from Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In one of the most tense cities on earth, we proclaimed that peace is now inevitably coming to the Middle East because the sons of Abraham have experienced the love of God and also understand the call of True Parents to build true families and end the divisions of history.

Over 140 clergy, imams, and Blessed Central Families from the US came to the Holy Land. They were joined by over 260 brothers and sisters from Europe, Korea, and Japan, so our core group of over 400 Blessed Central Families, having gone through 40-day course, were united as one. Archbishop Stallings, Rev. Jesse Edwards, and many chairmen of the ACLC fearlessly returned to the Holy Land for the third time, pledging to God that with True Parentsí love and guidance we will solve the problem of the Middle East. We were also joined by Taj Hammad, Frank Kaufmann, Andrew Wilson, Michael Mickler, and many others, each having prayed sincerely whether this really was their time to come here. Many had to consider the fact that just days earlier there was an attack on American citizens which claimed three lives in Gaza, the same area that we traveled to one month earlier, and the very place where we traveled again today. Because of that reality, many did not come with us on this journey.

Some of those who did come because they felt the call of God were still nervous and concerned, yet with our opening night of prayer in which Archbishop Stallings preached the word of God, the atmosphere became one of feeling Godís anointing and Holy Spirit all around us. Rev. Jenkins also brought a message calling on everyone to be clear in their minds about their decision. He said, we cannot guarantee anyoneís safety here. We are in a spiritual war, the outcome of which determines how quickly Godís Kingdom will come. Therefore, it may require that we give our lives on this pilgrimage in order to fully set the conditions necessary so that God can work a miracle and end the strife.

Recently Father Moon gave us guidance on the occasion of the sacrifice of Alexi and Kwan Jung, two of our young people who died in a car accident. He said that because they died during the 40-day providence to establish the Abel UN and allow the proper order of religious and political cooperation anointed by God, it became a condition upon which God could claim territory back from the darkness.

Father warned us at that time that Blessed Central Families and the Christian clergy should strengthen their minds and resolve. Always historical figures have paid dearly with their lives in order to make the total commitment necessary to change the worldís direction from evil to good. He warned us also that even in his own life, though he sincerely devoted his whole heart and life to God without hesitation about sacrificing himself, still the providence was such that additional sacrificial conditions were needed to completely open the way to the Kingdom. Therefore, four children of our True Parents have died during the course Fatherís mission.

Blessed Central Families, Christian ministers, imams and all clergy must make our minds that strong. We donít know what sacrifices may be required to usher in Godís Kingdom. When we expect to sacrifice and give our lives, then weíre ready. This spirit was conveyed to the holy people of God that chose to risk their lives to come on the 3rd pilgrimage. From that moment there was no more fear. Truly the Christians, Muslims and Jews who were part of our conference joined with the 7 enemy nations in one heart. We were ready to march in the old city of Jerusalem, and ready to march from the Western Wall to Al Aqsa mosque and on to Gaza.

On October 22 our march began at the Jaffa Gate, the old gate to the City of Jerusalem that has been there for 2,000 years. Our ranks were strengthened by support from Nazareth. Rev. Nartoum brought over 100 Christians from that holy city. Leaders of the Druze, whose spiritual heritage is traced back to Mosesí father-in-law Jethro, and whose people have lived in the Holy Land for 4,000 years, have completely given support to Father and Mother Moon. Sheik Al-Burni, one of the key Druze leaders, brought many, many people to the last march and to this march.

We moved together as one and started to walk through the Holy City. As the faithful chanted, "Peace, shalom, salaam-aleikum," there was confusion, as last time, among those who didnít understand the march and were worried it would cause violence. Suddenly our march came to a stop. Fortunately, due to the great work of Dr. Glaubach, former city council member, Dr. Shuki Ben-Ami, Jewish scholar, Shelly Elkyam, Miri Kamal, and our beautiful Israeli family who have built a sense of trust with the Israeli authorities for our work, plus the success of the last walk for peace, the Israeli authorities again supported us and the march continued.

(To be continued)

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