The Words of the Jenkins Family

God's Glory Revealed In Israel - Part 3

Michael Jenkins
October 29, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Shortly after 2 p.m. the rally began at Independence Park, with Rev. Daugherty and a number of clergy from the ACLC singing a very powerful song, "We will pray as David prayed, we will dance as David danced, we will sing as David sang." It was a profound experience to sing in the same area where King David sang, where Solomon walked, and finally where Jesus taught the Gospel. This is a city of destiny. The spring in Independence Park still bubbles with fresh water; it was the original spring that supplied the temple of King Solomon with water. Everything around Jerusalem carries with it a great history connected with Godís dispensation.

After Rev. Daugherty sang, Rev. Hatoum, who brought the 150 delegates to the peace march from Nazareth, took the platform. He gave a truly great message in Arabic that was translated for us. The message was that Rev. Moon is the one who is doing the work that is bringing all of Jerusalem together. He went on to praise Fatherís vision and the efforts made to bring Muslims, Christians, and Jews together. The city of Nazareth was proud to be well represented by top leaders from the Greek Orthodox Community, the Catholic community, and the Jewish community. Over 400 people came from Nazareth for the rally. Rev. Hatoum was there with his wife. They have received the blessing and are now standing as a true parent couple to bless others.

Next, one of the leaders of the Druze religion, Sheik Ali Birani, came to speak. Sheik Birani has made an indispensable contribution to the providence centering on True Parents. As mentioned before, the Druze group emanated from Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, and has carried a proud tradition among the Bedouin peoples for over 4,000 years. They are also great mediators between the Arab peoples and the Jewish people. Sheik Birani has brought very prominent Muslim leaders, Christian leaders, Jewish leaders. The current head of the Druze faith also came and supported this historic rally for peace under one God.

The IIFWP, centering on Rev. Abe and Hod Ben Zvi, Dr. Glaubach, Dr. Shuki Ben-Ami, Dr. Baruch Shalev, Imam Kiwan, Miri, and Shelly Elkyam and many other key members and leaders have made tremendous relationships with Muslims, Christians, Jews, and many civic and political officials, both in Palestine and in Israel. Truly God has worked to set the stage for a great healing to occur in the Holy Land. Thatís why though the challenges are great, people of great faith have stepped up to the responsibility. The core team in Israel is the same team that brought the reconciliation of the 1st and 2nd Israel in May, together with Archbishop Stallings and the ACLC, and was the team that opened the door for Al Aqsa mosque, the Western Wall, and Gaza to be sites that welcomed our pilgrims.

The more we walk this road, the more evident it is that every direction of True Parents should be followed, even if it means we can only make a small effort in that particular direction. Still that small effort will harvest some fruit that God has prepared based on that direction.

The Japanese sisters, who are called volunteers in Israel, also play a key role. As happens in America and other countries, their outreach touches the hearts of the people and gives substantial hope of breaking down religious and racial barriers. Truly the Holy Spirit is represented in them. A large number of Japanese sisters remain in Israel as volunteers because Dr. Abe took it upon himself to give them extra special care. He went to Japan to visit the home of every single volunteer, personally educating their husbands and families as to the dispensational meaning of the calling they share. Because of this deeper understanding, greater sacrifice could be offered. This is why at this time in history we all must educate ourselves more deeply in Fatherís providence and his words. Itís only with that foundation centering on our understanding of Divine Principle that we can truly walk the way of filial piety as sacrificial sons and daughters of our True Parents.

Because the foundation for IIFWP and the Family Federation is very broad and touches scholars and religious leaders alike, we could see that support in the rally, when over 2,000 came together in a city and at a time when rallies are basically unthinkable. We walked together in the old city, called upon the name of the Lord, and then rallied together in Independence Park under the protection of Almighty God. Through this process our strength is edified. But more importantly the hope of the people of the Holy Land is also strengthened and edified.

One police officer said to me, you canít imagine what this does for us, to see people coming from 7 nations, all over Europe, Asia and America, fearlessly defying the fear of the bombings and the turmoil, standing up with us and proclaiming that Israel will be healed. This gives us real hope. It gives us strength to continue and go beyond our despair. One Palestinian participant in the rally who lives in the eastern part of Jerusalem said, Iíve never felt such hope that this endless struggle could be resolved. Especially when I saw American Indians come from America. Certainly the heart of the American Indians and the fact that they would come here to help us indicates that this movement and Father Moon have something that can truly heal the Holy Land.

Sheik Birani also brought a beautiful girl scout troop and boy scout troop from outside Jerusalem. They stood proudly in their uniforms. We called upon them from the rally stage and they waved. It was also beautiful to see Muslim girls sitting there in their full traditional dress and head covering, with smiles and with hearts of joy, truly enjoying a heavenly event. We must always remember that young people, with the same hearts, hopes and desires as our own children, are growing up in this environment. This kind of day gave them hope that their homeland will one day become a happy place for all people.

Rev. Daugherty concluded with remarks expressing how we are committed beyond race and religion to become one in the heart of God. This is a time for the Kingdom of God to be revealed on the earth. Let us all rejoice and be glad in it. Rev. Daugherty has played a most central and significant role in keeping the clergy in unity as well as helping them to transition from just talking about Jesus to broadening to embrace all religions and faiths with a sincere heart of Jesusí love.

After Sheik Birani spoke, Taj Hammad and Dr. Shuki Ben-Ami became co-emcees. Mr. Hod Ben Zvi really wanted to reach the hearts of the people. Therefore, that portion of the rally was in Hebrew and Arabic, with no translation, unless you happened to be next to someone who would translate for you. Taj being from the Sudan and dressed in traditional clothing really stood as a great mediator for the people to come to the heart of God.

Dr. Frank Kaufmann, as he has done for so many world level blessings, from Olympic stadium to the 144,000 couple blessing, worked diligently to organize the prayers of the religious leaders, which we sincerely believe bring an anointing of the Holy Spirit and a calmness and serenity in the souls of all participants, regardless of race, religion, and nationality. Dr. Kaufmann, in consultation with myself, Hod, Archbishop Stallings, and several other key leaders, selected Rabbi Chen to do a reading from the Torah. Rev. Betty Tatalajski from Arizona rang a bell of peace, symbolizing the Christian spirit. Rev. Hatoum read the Christian Scripture in Arabic. An imam from Jerusalem gave the Islamic call to prayer, and Imam Mohammed Khan of New York read the Koran. The scripture readings were selected so as to pick the prayer readings that would fulfill the purpose of both giving the word and being the prayer to bring Godís blessing to the people.

At this point the crowd was growling, as all the buses had finally arrived. Although it was late October, the sun was very hot, so much so that it was too hot for the participants in the program to sit on the stage as originally planned. Bishop Connie Crawford Bansa of the Jericho Walk/Church of the Living God in Chicago came to the stage. Rev. Bansaís anointing is quite strong, and as expected she burst out from her heart with words for the people of the Holy Land. She cried out to the people, reminiscent of the way Isaiah would cry out unto Israel, saying, we have to solve the problem of the Middle East now. The power and anointing of God is upon us, but we must really stand up, be willing to give our lives to allow Godís magnificence to shine. We are living in a time where our faith must be greater than that of Moses as he crossed the Red Sea. But we are religious people. We must end our division and strife. We must come together as one. Particularly weíre calling on the Christians and Muslims to reconcile their differences and to create a unity that will heal the Holy Land, as well as end the worldwide conflict and struggle thatís going on throughout the world since 9/11. As a prophet of old would cry out, she cried out, stand up, God ís people. Do you hear me? Stand together.

The spirit was really moving, and the crowd jumped to its feet with joy, with smiles, with tears, with love. Then she sang "Amazing Grace." Many religious leaders Ė Muslim, Christian, and Jew Ė filled the stage without even being called. Sen. Donzella James from Georgia also took the stage and sang in harmony, "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see."

This is reality. We see the glory of God revealed in True Parentsí dispensation in Israel. Father has proclaimed through his indemnity period earlier this year, and the proclamation of August 20th that the 4th Israel has now been revealed, which is composed people of all faiths, as well as his proclamation at the IIPC on Oct. 3rd, "The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace." The word revealed through that speech tells us clearly that boundaries are not of God. God does not want His children divided. The conditions of indemnity have now been completed, particularly with 7 nations walking faithfully, willing to shed their blood, sacrificing their families and their nations.

My brothers and sisters, the walls have come down. We must believe and we must step forward in faith that there is no barrier between us and the preparation that God has made in the people, in every nation and in every religion. Only when we step forward do we really see the glory of God. If we hold back or wait for it to be demonstrated to us, we cannot see it. It can only be seen when we step forward in faith. Again, the rally revealed these kind of boundaries are coming down. Seeing Jews, Christians and Muslims can sing "Amazing Grace" together on the stage moved the hearts of the American Indian chiefs that came to represent the elder son nation. Chief Hamilton of California and Gayokla Ayala are playing a major role in the unity of the Indian family with True Parents, and they came up on the stage and wept as they also joined in spirit and heart with "Amazing Grace."

These are not staged events. These are not shows. Many times our rallies are following a heavenly spirit that shows the natural coming together of Godís people. One Israeli woman who attended the rally shared with me that she never believed she would ever see the day in Jerusalem when Muslims, Christians, Jews, American Indians and the Druze would dance together for joy, and where Godís word would be read from the Koran, the Torah and the Bible, in a land where those faiths historically have been deeply divided. "This is a day of the Messiah." Glory to God.

Dr. Yang took the stage and gave the keynote address, which was a summary of Fatherís Oct. 3 dispensational message, "The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace." Then Fatherís word was delivered in Arabic by Ali Birani, and in Hebrew by Miri. The word of God as brought by our True Parents was delivered in English, Hebrew and Arabic in the Holy Land. The seed of the word was planted in the soil of the hearts of the chosen people of the 4th Israel.

Rev. Jenkins was asked to conclude. He began by saying that since the Jerusalem Declaration at the May conference a healing has occurred that has allowed Jews and Christians to reconcile, and on that foundation the reconciliation of Isaac and Ishmael has now occurred. Therefore, on this 40th day of the condition made by 120 representatives from each of the 7 enemy nations we offer to God this 40-day course. On this foundation we proclaim that Jesus is now welcome to return to his homeland. Welcome home, Jesus! You are welcomed by your original family, the Hebrews, you are welcomed by the Muslims, and you are welcomed by all the Christians. Welcome home, Jesus.

His message continued: "Jesus was anointed by God as the 2nd Adam. He perfected himself and brought the blessing of God and through overcoming death he brought forgiveness of sin. However, because he was not understood by his family, by his disciples, and ultimately by the people of Israel at that time, he could not establish the family that God had wanted to see in the restoration of the first Adam and Eve. Therefore, it was Jesus who anointed Father Moon to be the 3rd Adam. He walked under the guidance of the prophets, with consultation from Moses, Mohammed, and all the saints, and with the anointing of Jesus he established the true family, become a True Parent. This restores the fall of the first Adam and Eve.

"Now he is called by God to extend that anointing to you, calling upon you to have your marriages blessed to change the blood lineage to that of God, under the blessing of your own religious leaders, that you now shall become true parents building true families, to resolve the historical enmity between Israel and Palestine. Father Moon revealed that we must love our enemy. To really manifest that love we should even consider what he calls "exchange marriage." We should marry our enemy. The prophet Mohammed set the example by marrying a Jewish woman to keep peace under Godís dispensation.

"Also Father Moon understood that the fact that Jesus was not welcomed 2000 years ago became the condition through which the endless struggle between Israel and Palestine could not be resolved. Now that all have repented for this condition of 2000 years ago, it is inevitable that Palestine and Israel, Ishmael and Isaac, will reconcile, weep together in tears, and study war no more. My brothers and sisters, this is the day of the Lord. This is the day that the Koran has spoken of, that the Torah and the prophets, and the New Testament have spoken of. This is the day that has been prophesied that the Messiah would come.

"I would like to invite Archbishop Stallings on stage at this time to join in reconciliation because we are not only to reconcile Ishmael and Isaac. We know that as Christians we did not fulfill our responsibility to bring reconciliation to all humanity. Therefore, together we repent that Christians did not love the Jewish people properly with the love of Jesus for the last 2000 years.

"Also we in America must reconcile black and white, as well as American Indian and white. We Americans repent for what was done historically to the blacks. Though my repentance is not enough, it sows a seed that will multiply. Archbishop Stallings, can you embrace your white brother at this time? Archbishop Stallings said, I will gladly do so.

"Our American Indian brothers, will you come forward at this time and embrace Archbishop Stallings and myself as your American brothers? We ask your forgiveness and repent that Americans did not love correctly. Though they were blessed by God, they did not treat the Indians appropriately in Godís love. Therefore, we reconcile the sins of man at this time of history."

To the great contingent of 240 Europeans who come to the Holy Land on this pilgrimage Rev. Jenkins cried out, Germany stand up. Do you repent for what youíve done in history? The Germans cried out, we do. Therefore, do we forgive Germany? The 2,000 shouted, we do. He continued, Father Moon brought representatives from 7 enemy nations who have been working together to bring the spirit of reconciling enemies to the Holy Land. He called England, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, and America to repent and forgive one another. All the nations cried out, we do. Israel and Palestine, we must forgive one another. We must repent together. Can we do this? The 2,000 cried out, we do.

Then white balloons were released, symbolizing the dove of peace, and the anointing that peace would come to the Holy Land.

In conclusion Rev. Daugherty came back to the stage and we broke into the song from the historic march to the UN Plaza on Oct. 3, where 20,000 gathered before history:
"Peace, Shalom, Salaam Aleikum,
Peace, Shalom, Salaam Aleikum,
Peace, Shalom, Salaam Aleikum,
We pray for peace in the Middle East."

Archbishop Stallings shared later that as he was leaving the rally site, he passed some of the Israeli police who were present at the event, and they too were singing these words of hope.

Thanks, America.


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