The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father Is Calling The Fourth Israel To Make An Historic Pilgrimage

Michael Jenkins
November 9, 2003

Dear Family,

Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, our international President, has been calling Dr. Yang daily. Father's main topic: We are going to rally millions in the Holy Land. World Mobilization must take place. We will see the walls fall down before our eyes. He asked Rev. Hwang how many could come from Korea. Rev. Hwang reported that they will mobilize everyone but the flights to Israel are limited. Father's response: fly to a location in Europe or the Middle East or anywhere and take buses in. Now is the time for total commitment and action. Nothing should stop us.

Please prepare your heart as the true believers of the fourth Israel. We must have a mind and heart that is greater than that of our predecessors (The Israelites at the time of Moses). We must clearly understand the historical value of our role and position in history at this time. The Fourth Israel has been established. Now we must respond with our hearts.

Israel is making incredible preparations. The Moslem, Jewish and Christian leaders are feeling that anything is possible now. It is time for Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.

Already over 80 clergy have responded that they want to go on December 22nd - three days before Christmas - why - because the world situation is absolutely urgent. We must act now.

Rise America. Father is expecting 2400 to come from America like we did in the Cheon Il Guk Mobilization. I will be leading a task force of 80 members and 40 clergy from December first. Volunteers are welcome. They must be members who know how to communicate well with religious leaders and who have a good record of taking care of the clergy in America. The main conditions we are setting for victory are the 40 day prayer condition, November 1 - December 10th, the signature campaign to get 1200 clergy to affirm the taking down of the cross and the November 17th conference in New York for theologians and religious leaders.

We will see the glory of the Lord revealed. God is with us. Be strong and of good courage.

Victory for the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind.

Thanks America


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