The Words of the Jenkins Family

Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
November 12, 2003

Dear Family,

It has been decided, due to Father's central focus of rallying 3 million in the Holy Land, that the next Pilgrimage will NOT INCLUDE ROME but will go only to Israel. It will depart from America on the December 16th or 17th and return to NY on the morning of the 23rd. Details will be forthcoming.

Father's heart is urgent for Peace. Every member, ACLC Pastor and Ambassador for Peace should give all that they have to bring peace in the Middle East. 2400 should go from America.

The next Pilgrimage will be focused on the ACLC tour experience, education and reconciliation with the Abrahamic faiths and the Rally for Peace and Reconciliation under one God.

Thanks for Your Faith America!!


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