The Words of the Jenkins Family

Women's Federation for World Peace

Michael Jenkins
November 12, 2003

Dear Blessed Women,

The providence is calling upon you to fulfill your roles and stand in the position as the Mother of the Second Israel. It is now time to build up the WFWP the way that ACLC has been supported.

Dr. Yang and I recently sent you a letter (you should have received it by now) asking that you give $50 to WFWP for the support of the International conference coming up in early December.

Please set the condition now. Our Chairwoman Alexa Ward has been chosen by our True Parents for this historic time of the establishment of the Kingdom Of God. She is worthy and totally committed. Please get behind her. She has supported me through the thick and thin, as you did. I believe in her and the quality of her effort and sacrifice moves True Parent's heart. The Women hold the key to the destiny of America. Now is the time to stand strong and direct America toward the right course.

I believe in the American Blessed Women. I know you will fulfill. Please support WFWP - immediately.

We want to raise $100,000 to launch a new period of growth and development for this historic dispensational organization. True Mother herself is our Chairmwoman. She is so proud of WFWP. WFWP stood by her when she had to restore the Bride's position and open the door for Christianity to have another chance. WFWP fulfilled its historic role many times.

Now my beloved American Blessed Wives (from all ethnicities) - you are called. Please send your $50 before November 25th. Send it to WFWP 3224 16th St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20010.

Love to our Beloved Blessed Wives and Sisters.

True Parents forever.



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