The Words of the Jenkins Family

12 Needed for Israel - Depart by November 19

Michael Jenkins
November 17, 2003

Dear Family,

We are assembling an advance team of highly specialized leaders who will organize our the IIPC / MEPI headquarters in Israel.

We need to set up an office, develop our communications systems, prepare for the rental of 50 vehicles. In general meticulously prepare the ground so that when the 120 International Task Force arrives on November 30, they will be able to begin with full organization.

We need people who can manage the hotel to take care of the 120.

I T people who can set up the command center with 15 computers and high speed connections. We need a web site manager. We need someone with extensive rally experience to lay the groundwork for 3000 buses to be rented. We need a financial person to set up the financial office.


If you feel that you can go by Wed. November 18. Please email Marg@FAMILYFED.ORG.



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