The Words of the Jenkins Family

Concerning the Pilgrimage

Michael Jenkins
November 23, 2003

Dear Family,

Concerning the Pilgrimage: The dates will be finalize Monday as our Charters are having trouble getting landing rights. The dates, as Rev. Schanker reported will be, December 16 - 23 or Dec. 18 - 23.

The Pilgrimage is on for as many Americans as can sign up. We are seeking those who feel the "calling" to come and directly participate. Father would like to see every member there. He is confident that we will bring peace in the Middle East.

The Pilgrimage for clergy will have the same flights but the clergy's itinerary will be somewhat different than that of the members. The Clergy will have a similar tour as last time concluding with a "walk for peace" in the Holy City and a "Heart to Heart" Rally in Tel Aviv. (CLERGY MUST FILL OUT AN APPLICATION)

The members will also tour and will work on one day of out reach for the rally.

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