The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy Thanksgiving

Michael Jenkins
November 27, 2003

Dear Family,

We sincerely pray that God will abundantly bless your family on this Thanksgiving. True Father is pushing himself to the limit. Early this morning he went fishing. Its frigid on the water, it is 5:30 pm and they just finished. It is an extremely difficult course.

Father will come back for a Thanksgiving dinner with True Parents and True family and 40 guests. Father was originally planning to leave earlier but somehow decided to give one more special day of attention and prayer for America. Please give thanks to and praise to God.

As those who sat at the first Thanksgiving dinner from which our tradition comes they did so with gratitude to God for "delivering" them from the trials of their first year in which almost half perished for the original 102 on the Mayflower. The Indians and the Pilgrims joined together if friendship and praise. This was a sacrificial beginning of our nation's great history.

Today, once again Father is totally pushing to the limit in prayer and sacrifice.

Let us join our families together heart to heart and sincerely thank God for preserving America through the indemnity conditions and victory set by the Lord of the Second Advent.

May God Bless Your Family.

Let us heal the Holy Land and then secure the Fatherland.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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