The Words of the Jenkins Family

Greetings from Jerusalem

Michael Jenkins
November 30, 2003

Dear Family,

When I arrived in Jerusalem I felt move than ever the sense that history and destiny is supporting us as we are walking the path that True Parents have created. There is a strong sense here among our allies and in some of the connected religious communities that have come in contact with the pilgrimage, that this work is definitely creating an atmosphere of hope and action toward peace.

The family here in Israel, particularly our Jewish brothers and sisters, are deeply inspired. They feel God is looking directly over Jerusalem again in a way that hasn't been felt since ancient times. They are fasting and praying.

Dr. Walid Sadiq a Muslim former Knesset member and Dr. Eliezar Glaubach a professor and long respected City Council member both have expressed that they can't believe what they have seen since the first May pilgrimage. In such a short time our movement here has become known as a very serious contributor to the path that will lead to peace and reconciliation. In such a short time with the help of heaven and the sacrifice of our allies, Ambassadors for Peace and our brothers and sisters, God has catapulted this interreligious effort into a pivotal role.

Though the atmosphere around our Ambassadors for Peace is very optimistic there is also a great sense of apprehension. They have never seen religious leaders come together like they have through the pilgrimages. They see in reality that barriers that were deemed impenetrable by a large body of many faiths melt before their eyes. From the walls to the holy sites of the Western Wall , Al Aqsa Mosque to the barriers to Gaza. In the face of the Interreligious and International spirit led by Imams, Pastors and Rabbis the walls literally will dissolve. Why the apprehension. Will we go only so far and give up? Is this commitment real? They are thrilled to see Father Moon's total and lightning fast commitment to focus here. They see the movement return and return and return without hesitation, when most of the world is afraid to come to Jerusalem. Now the movement is bringing an unbelievably big pilgrimages to the Holy Land - several thousand. Their gratitude is beyond words.

We must be bold and strong now America and our beloved 7 nations of brothers and sisters. Father warned us at EG a few days ago, " Don't hesitate - just have absolute faith and we will bring equalization between Gaza and Jerusalem." Recently I approached Father alone while he was headed back to his room from the Hoon Dok Hae and said quietly, "Father, thank you for protecting us. I know that the Gaza trip succeeded because of your prayers and protection for us." Father smiled and said,'" Keep going. Don't stop. Keep going to Gaza. Make an atmosphere through this and we can make peace in the Middle East."

Through the process of going to Gaza, hearts have been touched to the very top of the religious leadership and all the political leaders. The Sun Moon Culture Center for Youth (Computer Leaning and Internet Center) that was dedicated last month for Palestinian youth is widely know throughout Palestine. One will be dedicated soon for Jewish youth and we will encourage them to write the e - pen pals from Gaza.

Many friends on Capital Hill also are watching with great interest. A couple of MOC's are so serious about it that they have scheduled to come in December to work with us. Forty Peace Task Force Members are arriving tomorrow. (Monday, December 1st) from America. Forty more will arrive this week from Europe. 84 from 7 nations will work for this historic dispensation.

God has set the stage for victory. Now it requires our whole heart. 1440 are now asked to come from America. This will take an all out concentrated effort to fulfill. God needs us to exhibit a providential mind with absolute faith. We sincerely ask every family to send one or more family members and to bring one religious leader. If you can't send a family members donate and send a religious leader. Don't hesitate. Just give and the gate to peace will burst open.

Here are Father's words from November 24th. "Now we must fulfill our responsibility in Gaza. Gaza means "Let's Go" in Korean. Gaza, Gaza. We want to go to Gaza and liberate Gaza. We want to bring Ishmael and Isaac together in peace."

....and from November 25th . "The Peace UN is not enough. We must have the Peace Kingdom. We must have the owner and parent of the Peace Kingdom. For us to do this we must restore Gaza which is in death valley. Even if we have to die to do this. We are here to liberate you. We came here as the representative of the chosen people we must not hesitate. We are the chosen people we must have Absolute faith at this time. If you are afraid there will be problems. For this to be achieved I cannot sleep even two hours a day."

...and from Dr. Eliezar Glaubach in his letter from November 4th to America:

Dear Senior Brothers - Leaders,

Please don't loose momentum with coming to us on Pilgrimages. We need you in masses because we here do realize the change of atmosphere towards removing the barriers between the Abrahamic religions which also moves the political leaders of Palestine and ISRAEL towards building bridges for Peace. However in the meantime the reality is so sad.

Rivers of tears flow in the streams of the Holy Land and the sacred River Jordan, tears over the victims and their suffering families; tears on the helplessness and loss of orientation and out let, on the nonsense and despair; tears pouring from mothers and fathers, Palestinian and Israelis of orphans and people who's personal world got lost; tears of thousands of funerals wounded and handicaps on negligence of leaders on their untruths and lies. Tears over the culture of enmity and revenge and war. It seems that we accept to live with those disasters, but we don't. We cry-out loudly for no more! No more!

Your spiritual pilgrimages do hit strongly the minds of the politicians and give real hope. Hope for removing barriers of fear and opening the hearts and in this way working to end foundations of religious hatred, national and ethnic hatred in the Middle East and also elsewhere.

So dear Senior Brothers please regard your efforts as sacred missions ( as you do anyway). In relationship to the pilgrimages to our area, since we do witness the beginning of spiritual change within the nations that dwell in the Holy Land. This change leads no doubt to the so desired and necessary spiritual transformation among political leaders and the nations concerned.

We do realize that our hearts shout strongly when we think of the seeds of hope you are planting here around; so please again don't loose momentum because the chance is enormous that due to your pilgrimages and your activities when you are here more things change. Please, Then, come in masses and quick! And we stand by you forever like always.

May God bless you and your families Eliezer Glaubach - Gal

RISE AMERICA. 1440 Religious leaders and people of faith must come to the Holy Land to fulfill our God given destiny as the Chosen People of the Fourth Israel.

Thanks America and thanks to our world family for your support.



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