The Words of the Jenkins Family

Shalom from the Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
December 3, 2003

Dear Family,

As with all providential activities, there is always indemnity to be paid to allow the condition to be set that brings us into unity. The Israeli family, Rev. Ji the Continental Director, Dr. Abe (the national messiah) and Mr. Hod Ben Zvi (national leader of our movement), along with the Ambassadors for Peace have been fasting and praying for the providence for this great day. The Ambassadors for Peace and our Peace Task Force of members of the FFWPU are in full gear to go out to Jerusalem, Nazareth, Mt. Carmel (in the Haifa area), Tel Aviv, Galilee, and Capernaum. They are working together to meet the people that God has prepared.

The task force is religious in spirit but is not a missionary effort, since a new age has dawned they go out as Ambassadors for Peace representing all faith traditions. We are one in the spirit. We are one in the Lord. We're in a time when there is no longer any need for conversion, so we do not go to convert. In this era of God's Kingdom each Family becomes blessed by God and then their faith comes together in harmony and mutual respect for one another in a complimentary fashion that is more powerful and comprehensive than anything in history. Through our True Parents the condition has already been set to actually allow all people to claim their inheritance as God's children. All faiths are included on the path for each husband and wife to become True Parents and "Messiah" for their tribe building True Families. Families that are true to the teachings of the scripture and are pure before marriage (no sexual relationship) and faithful after marriage (no adultery). There is no race or people that God cannot reach and claim as his own at this time. Interestingly, God's heart of love and forgiveness always stays with His first chosen people, the descendants of Abraham. They have been longing for the coming of the Messiah for 4,000 years. Because of the immense suffering of the Jewish and Palestinian people, this truly is a land of tears and sorrow. But truly the day of hope has dawned.

The Book of Revelations 21:4 it says, "He will wipe away every tear from every eye," and that day has now come. When Rev. Douglas C., a white Pentecostal minister from the same background as Rev. Jesse Edwards, testified this morning at breakfast that the moment the plane touched the ground, he began to weep for he knew that this was the home of his faith and of his father's and grandfathers' faith. This is a common experience when you come to the Holy Land, without any special circumstance you find yourself weeping for this is the land of God's suffering and longing heart. The land in which God has longed for his "bride" to come home. This is the home of our True Parents' faith, for it was Jesus that anointed Father and Mother Moon, and therefore Father Moon has sent us back to the Holy Land. Since God's kingdom has now been established, all the broken hearts of every family must now be healed. Therefore, we come to heal the broken heart of the chosen people. Especially we come to heal the broken heart of Jesus. We come to heal the hearts of Ishmael and Isaac.

We pray for the reconciliation of family to family, heart to heart. It was Jesus' own family that didn't understand his responsibility and mission, and because his own family could not understand, the wider community could not understand. His own cousin, John, and the family of Zechariah had clear revelations concerning Jesus' special mission yet, for whatever reason, they missed the hour that God had appointed for them to build His kingdom.

We are the family of God. I sincerely pray, my brothers and sisters from every nation on earth, from every religion, and particularly my brothers and sisters from America, that you set aside anything that hinders you at this time. Let us not miss the appointed hour that God has given us. There is a flowering of activity towards peace at this time in the holy Land. On all sides and in all dimensions. From Geneva to Gaza to Jerusalem so much effort is being made to bring the brothers together. Also behind the brothers are the three great faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Father has counseled us that through this process the three can and will reconcile - if we fulfill our responsibility. Through the reconciliation of the family of Abraham - Christians, Muslims and Jews - that occurred during convocations on May 18 and expanded through September 22 and October 22, and even opened the gates of Gaza with the love of God, we have seen that the conditions were set which a number of key leaders here see as a major stimulus to foster this kind of extensive flowering of peace to occur.

Though there are many sincere and important efforts for peace through the academic community, the political world, and various religious efforts, everyone agrees that we are bringing to the table a focus that no one else has considered. The sons of Abraham must reconcile heart to heart, not simply to a level of tolerance. The brothers Ishmael and Isaac and their descendants who are cousins must uncover the theme of history and set the conditions necessary to sacrifice for and serve one another until that pain can be washed away. Then on that foundation we can build the Kingdom of God. We will never build it separately - only together.

Our first responsibility in America is a responsibility given by True Parents - to bring 360 Rabbis, 360 Imams, 360 Christian pastors, and 360 Korean Christian pastors with us to Israel for the pilgrimage Dec. 16- 23. God's glory is being revealed in Israel. We on the PTF (Peace Task Force), which is now 40 Americans, 16 Europeans, and 40 Japanese, have seen that God has truly already prepared the way.

I encourage every American to sincerely pray to God as to how you can fulfill your family's responsibility to the Holy Land. Anyone who wants to come, we will welcome you. We will make a way for you to work and stay with us. First sign up the religious leaders and then come right away. Come, all who hear the word of the Lord. Come now to the Holy Land and bring the victory that God has prepared. 1440 is our minimum goal. Like with the Cheon Il Guk time earlier this year - let us once again fulfill our destiny by totally helping each other - heart to heart - family to family. Second Generation also should be encouraged to join this historic adventure.

The story of Gideon in the book of Judges relates that when Gideon confronted a great army he began with 30,000 men, but God told him that was too many. Gideon told everyone who "trembled with fear" to go home, and 20,000 of the men left. Still God told Gideon that that was too many, and at God's direction Gideon led the men to a river. All those who got down on their knees to drink were sent away. All those who cupped the water in their hands, those who focused on the security of God' s will, were chosen, totaling 300. They went to face an army 100 times bigger than themselves. Carrying trumpets and carrying jars that concealed torches, they surrounded the camp. At Gideon's command the trumpets were blown and the jars smashed creating noise and confusion,, and God delivered his people - those who were on the side of darkness fled without a fight. The blessing of the Lord came immediately and peace reigned in the land for 40 years. 1440 is a representative body of the 144,000. The 144,000 in the Bible is the gateway to all humanity from every "nation, people and tongue." Therefore, with a very small number of people we can turn the darkness into light. We are asking every nation now to organize a heart-to-heart candle event for peace in the Middle East. Each and every one who comes to the Holy Land at this time will be eternally written into the history of God's providence. As a family who responded to the call. On Dec. 22 we want millions of people to light a candle in every home, office, school, mosque, synagogue and church in the world, to have every president and prime minister to come forward now and let the light shine.

The enmity between brothers is rooted in the darkness of our past sin. Therefore, when the light of God's love shines through the harmonized religious leaders and people of faith and the brothers and sisters of the Abrahamic faiths display love for one another the light of God's love is magnified and multiplied. What has kept us separated will melt away with the dawn. Light a candle in the Middle East. Let your hearts be lit with the light of God's love that your heart may light the way to peace.

"Heart-to-heart" for Peace in the Middle East is our theme. God has anointed and blessed us with an incredible group of anointed people to do His will at this time. We ask everyone from every nation to support this effort. We do not know the full meaning of this hour. In a phone call to Dr. Yang yesterday Father indicated that Dec. 22 had the same meaning as the event that occurred 2,000 years ago that caused so much suffering to come to the Jewish people, and also caused the division of God's people of different religions.

If we succeed on Dec. 22, all the conditions that divided the children of Abraham will be restored and the glory of the Lord will be revealed and reconciliation will be established. Already through the Jerusalem Declaration the seeds of reconciliation were planted, so much so that Father could expand from the 1st Israel to the 2nd Israel of Am and to 3rd Israel of Korea, forgiving all 3 Israels. Then God could proclaim the 4th Israel through our True Parents. The 4th Israel must be based on the massive reconciliation of God's people. Therefore, the IIPC had to be established representing a new peace UN, a body of people who stand centering upon their various faiths, bound together by the heart and love of God to go forward as one to be able to heal the suffering of mankind. We pray for healing in Palestine. We pray for healing in Gaza. We pray for healing in Ramallah. We pray for healing in Jerusalem, and throughout Israel and Palestine.

Therefore, we are here and feeling the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We are meeting religious leaders, meeting top political leaders. Testimonies are about to flow like a river. We're holding many of those testimonies back now to build up the power so that finally the dam will break forth and a flood of the spirit of God's truth and love will flow like a raging river.

Rise, America. Hear the call of the Lord, all the younger son nations of the world, for the Kingdom of God has been established and revealed among men. There is nothing to fear. God is with us. God's people are there in Gaza We will rally in Gaza and Ramallah, culminating in the international conference with many heads of state and top religious leaders which will occur through the IIPC Middle East peace initiative on Dec. 19-22. The pinnacle event of this dispensation will occur on Dec. 22 in Tel Aviv. God has prepared the way. It is time for sacrifice.

We sincerely pray that every family in America will send one family member and one religious leader, and even families from around the world will send one member for the pilgrimage.

My brothers and sisters, there were three there with Jesus at Gethsemane, and if they had stayed awake, history might have taken a different course. Please, awaken to the call, awaken to the time that we live in. Father indicated recently that time is very short and that we won't have another chance. I never heard Father speak in these terms. Father knows the hour. But he also has confidence that we will fulfill.

I sincerely ask every American family to give your "life, fortune and sacred honor". As Dr. Yang and I go to Gaza with our leaders and brothers and sisters and Christian ministers, I sincerely ask you to go to Gaza in your heart and bring victory for the Lord. There is nothing to fear. Do not hesitate at this moment in history. I am confident that you will not. I see from the donations for the Gethsemane stone pouring in that somehow American brothers and sisters understand. Please, America, rise up to your appointed duty. You have the gifts of God that are necessary to really heal this world. Pray for our leaders, both secular and religious, and pray that God will strengthen and preserve the lives of our True parents, to allow them to continue leading us on the frontline battlefield of the Lord.

We pray for Gaza, we pray for Ramallah, we pray for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Peace. Shalom. A-Salaam Aleikum

Your brother,
Michael Jenkins

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