The Words of the Jenkins Family

To All Members in America of the Jewish Faith

Michael Jenkins
December 4, 2003

Dear Family,

Father would like to see 360 Jewish leaders come to Israel for the Heart to Heart for Peace which will be an outdoor gathering of over 100,000 plus of the Interreligious and International Peace Council - Middle East Peace Initiative.

This is the time for all members of the great Jewish faith and heritage to make every possible effort to come to Jerusalem - as soon as possible with a Jewish leader as your guest. The hearts of many burn for peace here. It is something that we could not imagine. When so many come with the understanding of realizing peace through the unity of the Abrahamic traditions with Absolute respect for one another's traditions - it creates a synergy that is causing a genuine feeling of hope.

Please come to home to Israel my brothers and sisters. Your efforts now will determine much about the future.

God bless the holy faith of Judaism. All the prophets and saints are rejoicing for our victory has already been assured by God.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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