The Words of the Jenkins Family

Reverend Jenkins in Israel

Michael Jenkins
December 5, 2003

Dear Family,

Against all logic and all odds the direction of our True Parents is proving to be exactly the right thing at the right time. Jewish brothers and sisters are catching on fire for peace. We just had a meeting for volunteers to support our Peace Task Force. Our key members in Israel, Miri and Irite and our Japanese Task force members went out first to allies and then to Universities to invite people, some at random to come into help the IIPC Peace Task Force.

I was totally surprised at the response. There are hot embers burning for Peace in the hearts of our Jewish family. Over 56 young , middle aged and older people came to our meeting. 46 people signed up to help our efforts. Dr. Glaubach gave an amazing testimony that a "new birth" has occurred in Christianity. Christians have taken down their crosses and have come to reconcile with us as their "Elder Brothers" !!! - The people got so excited. I gave a subdued talk ( I told the Holy Spirit to go easy). I'm learning from our national leaders how to reach their hearts. He is helping me understand that if you want to reach the Jewish heart don't get too excited. Preaching with the anointing of the Holy Spirit has to be done with deep care. I want everyone to know that the 4000 years of suffering in the Jewish heart has made it the deepest most fertile soil for the response to True Love. When they can sense in their hearts (as the Moslems are doing) that God is with us and that we really believe from the very bottom of our hearts and the essence of our beings that God is with them their hearts are ready to open. Still they are extremely cautious. The Holocaust is a profound fear that must be addressed and washed away. This world however - they know still has the potential to go into the darkness and produce such horror - so the fear is real and it is quite justified. Still we can wash it away. Yet even in our own Blessed Central Families the "washing away of fear" is still going on. It is a long process that is the same as washing away the pain of racism. (We are still washing that away in our Blessed Central Families - it is progressing, but we are not there yet) When the Jewish brothers and sisters (professors, scholars and even Rabbis) know without question that we do not intend to convert their hearts open. In Jerusalem they are ready to give a new dispensation a chance. I don't think this preparation is quite there in America, but with the intensity of the conflict they are ready here in the Holy Land. When we genuinely seek to only "Bless" and edify as well as praise and celebrate their great Synagogues and Mosques they can see we are not seeking to change any tradition outwardly but are looking to elevate each tradition to a complimentary and beautiful relationship which emanated from the very heart of God. This love will be eternally founded in the teaching of the Abrahamic faiths. The heavenly support is so profound right now.

Imagine this scene, Christian ministers who "Know" that Jesus anointed Father are going out with Blessed Central Families from former enemy nations and are now being joined by Jewish volunteers that met us yesterday. They come back thrilled and excited. We are made for each other. We have been longing for each other.

Rev. Marilyn Kotulek of White Eagle Ministries in Oklahoma went out with here team. The teams are going out to meet every Ambassador for Peace and graduate of all programs over the last 15 years (WFWP etc.) They go forward with no concepts into Mosques, into Synagogues, into University Presidents offices, into Mayors offices. They have no idea of the sensitivities and history but they go with love and a sincere hope that Peace is about to be revealed in the Holy Land through the coming of the Kingdom of God. Rev. Marilyn, Minister Linda Cornier, Rev. Chen Fong and they completely inspire Delia who was with WFWP and is the producer of four main TV shows on Channel 1 - the main TV channel in Israel. Delia and Rev. Kotulek are like two sisters that "found" each other after being separated at child hood. Rev. Kotulek just keeps saying " I love my sister, she knows the Lord !!!" Then Delia says, "My sister is very religious, but I don't mind, I love her." She immediately came back for our evening testimonial meetings. When I went to Channel one to meet Delia with the team it was raining hard. David Eaton and I joined the team. Delia took us for lunch in the TV cafeteria. She knows all the major entertainers in Israel. She said don't put on a show - Americans just want to see a superficial show - just you ministers singing will be better. Rev. Lofton Woods, a powerful African American woman evangelist said no - we came here risking our lives to help bring peace - we aren't looking for a show. We are here only to be sincere that God is calling all of us to be real and be brothers and sisters. Then we said but we really need your help to make this work. We need some familiar people from Israel to touch peoples hearts - heart to heart - we said we don't want somebody who isn't sincere but you know the personalities - there are very sincere people among the entertainers. We need the most sincere one. Her eyes lit up and she said. I'm coming to the hotel with you now!! I will help.

Rev. Kotulek said - see how the Lord is working on my sister. This is just one little story but a fire of love is spreading throughout Israel. This is the time for the Kingdom.

Hurry America and all nations of the world - Bring your family, bring your religious leaders - pack your bags and come to the Holy Land and see the Glory of God!!!



God is so great. The time of the Kingdom has come.

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