The Words of the Jenkins Family

Imam Testimony

Michael Jenkins
December 5, 2003

Dear Family,

Mrs. Ku (California Co-Block Leader and Regional Director with her husband) is representing Korea among the 7 nations. Mrs. Ku is doing a great job. She is on a team with Rev. Wesley Samuels - one of the earlier members of America.

Today, our teams went out to the Mosques of Israel. They had to be careful because the Mosques are very cautious here. Our brothers and sisters went with love. the Imam of a Mosque was so surprised. In all of his life he never dreamed that a Christians from America and Jews would come to a Mosque to bring hope for peace.

When they arrived he invited them into his office and was deeply interested in all they had to share. Our approach book shows the most amazing thing. Christians and Muslims and Jews on the stage together in Jerusalem in a rally for Peace Under One God. March through the Old City to the Western Wall and Al Aqsa Mosque. Who ever heard of such a thing. The pictures showed it all. It also shows our founders our True Parents who are deeply respected in the Muslim world.

He said, you know I can bring many people to this rally. I can bring a lot of people. I know everyone in this city. I'm the former Mayor of Nazareth !!

Israel is moving for the Lord. This is God's time. Muslims, Christians and Jews - all of God's children.

Thanks Los Angeles for sending Mrs. Ku. Thanks America for giving us Rev. Wesley Samuels.

The Glory of God is revealed at this time in the Holy Land.


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