The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rabbi Testimony

Michael Jenkins
December 5, 2003

Dear Family,

In Tel Aviv one of Rev. Lofton Woods, Rev. Chen Fong, and our Japanese sister called upon a Rabbi. In addition to going to our Ambassadors for Peace and the Mayors we are visiting every Rabbi. This particular Rabbi was an older man and he was with his wife. It was so shocking for him to receive American's, Europeans, and Asians coming to Israel to work for peace. It was a big surprise because no one comes to Israel now. Even relatives are hesitant to go. He asked why are you here? You came to work for Peace. Christian clergy coming here to help for peace. You are not coming to convert us? Please come in and join me. Then they joined with the Rabbi and his wife who had prepared dinner for them. They had a wonderful fellowship. It was profound.

At the end of the meeting he shared. I am deeply moved by your coming here. Then he rolled back his sleeve and revealed the numbers tattoed on his arm. He had survived the holocaust. What you are doing is so important. I will come to the rally.

Brothers and Sisters. I sincerely ask you to give all the money you can and make every sacrifice possible. We need more teams. Who will we miss because we don't have enough PTF members here. Please come to Israel. The field is ripe for harvest but the laborers are few. Please my beloved family hear the call of the Lord. Bring your family, sponsor the clergy. It is the central point of God's providence. We will win the victory for heaven. God is with us. The Rabbi was moved because a black Christian, a white Christian, an asian and an America Unificationist came calling with the Love of God.

Thanks America.


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