The Words of the Jenkins Family

Morning Sermon After Hoon Dok Hae

Michael Jenkins
December 6, 2003
Peace Task Force
Rev. Jenkins' Morning Remarks

The reconciliation of the Christians, Jews and Muslims on May 18th was the first step. When the Rabbi was asked to sign the declaration, the Imam came and helped seal it. The next step is to have Jesus crowned King of Kings. Jesus must be crowned King of Kings on the stage on December 22nd. We have flexibility how to do it, but we can do it. We can fulfill these external things. We must pay the proper price of indemnity and the proper conditions have to be set. Right now it's very important that we have a new beginning day.

We are the same Israel that crossed the Jordan River 4000 years ago. We have all the ancestors of all the Jews, Christians, and Muslims right now with us. You have enormous power. Without that mentality spirit world doesn't have the power to work with you. "I'm a representative of the 4th Israel. I have the value of Zechariah, Ezekiel. We should even think that I am Isaiah, Ezekiel, Ruth all the different figures in history." If you have that spirit, God will work. All the holy myriad enters the room with you. We need prayer while we work. Father has asked the whole world to pray for this Task Force. Everything right now is hinging on the way this task force goes. To fulfill we must really make unity. Unity from the bottom to the top. Unity.

Why do we fail? Most of the time failure is because we don't unite in heart. The only way is through paying indemnity. Set the indemnity condition to remove the fallen nature. We represent Jacob. Jacob coming to embrace Esau; the Jewish family. Set the condition to remove fallen nature. We always see the indemnity conditions to remove fallen nature applied to Cain. How about Abel's indemnity condition to remove fallen nature? It is the same.

1st: See Cain from God's point of view. See Cain from God's point of view. No judgement, no feeling of superiority. .

2nd: receive God's love through Abel. From Abel's point of view, give God's love in all circumstances. Some may not be able to receive God's word, but just love. Embrace. Have the heart to embrace them.

Rev. Kwak repented because he always just thought Israel failed. Father's heart has never abandoned Israel. Even when conditions prevent him from working through his chosen people in a central way he doesn't abandon them. Do you do that to your children? You should never abandon your children in heart, no matter what they do. You cannot curse them in your heart. Long for your children. Long for Israel. Spirit world is weeping through you. If you could have seen Father's face when we came back from the 1st pilgrimage. It was like he found his lost bride and now she was returning. Long for your object. Father loves us no matter what.

3rd condition is to obey Abel. This all applies to your team captains. However Abel has to set the condition that he can be trusted and obeyed. To do this he must obey his own Abel. We don't want everybody lecturing each other. Abel should just lead the way and pay indemnity for his people. However, even if Abel is not up to the standard, if you are in Cain's position you can still fulfill your responsibility through the four conditions to remove fallen nature. If you fulfill you will be elevated.

4th: Multiplication of goodness, centering on God's truth and love. Unity is most important.

Why did Jesus go the way of the cross? Not because the providence simply failed; not because he didn't have a big enough rally with the fish and the loaves. It was because his closest people could not become one with him in heart. How did Father survive? Father told us why he was able to go this course without being assassinated. The number one condition was that he sacrificed his family. You're sacrificing a lot that's why God is with you. Yet we don't really know the heart of the Japanese missionaries. We think they're just soldiers. We don't know their situation. Their children don't have their mommies to help them. America and Europe have to go to the world like this.

Jesus lost the foundation of substance. First it broke down with John the Baptist. If Peter, John and James could stay united in heart, God could work. Everything depends on your heart. It doesn't depend on your skills or talents. Can you apply the formula to subjugate Satan? If you know that formula you will succeed in forming a perfected blessed family. You cannot subjugate Satan by prayer or hard work. It's the foundation of substance.

I repent because I failed many people on the way. I failed Rev. Vincenz, but he forgave me and supported me. He kept the foundation of substance. He protected me. I may not have remained here if he didn't stand with me in heart. . You can't stand without your foundation of substance.

Let's prepare to really unite with True Parents. Look at these beautiful Christian ministers who've come. Father told us in 1997 that the Christians would merge into us. Father said don't try to change them. Once the Jews realize that we won't try to change them they'll come. They may or may not want to look like us, but they don't have to. They may want to maintain their way of dress and their tradition or they may want to change. Just change the blood lineage. Honor True Parents. They can keep their religious traditions. That's okay. Through the blessing we are all merging into one heart. Many Christian leaders who have been blessed still preach like Baptists, lift up Jesus but now they say Father is the anointed Messiah and they pray in their own family name. That's why the Christian leaders are showing that the engrafting process into the True Olive tree is natural once our hearts open. We all become one in the spirit.

Thank you beloved Israel for allowing us to come and love you. God has been longing for his precious bride. This is the time of comfort and healing. Glory to God. A new Israel has been given birth - the fourth Israel.

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