The Words of the Jenkins Family

Concerning Israel

Michael Jenkins
December 7, 2003

Dear Family,

We are reading Father's words concerning Israel. What is amazing is the clarity Father had about the providence we are now in. He spoke these words in March, 2003 before the crosses came down and befoe the Pilgrimages opened the gates for the reconciliation of the Abrahamic faiths.

Please study and understand the providence.

Thanks America - we will not fail. God is with us.

ACLC Clergy Morning Hoon Dok Hae And Breakfast

From 5 am - 7 am Father asked Dr. Yang to read :

The resolution in the spirit world by the saints (Clouds of Witnesses) and Heung Jin Nim's message on God's Day, 2002 was read by Dr. Chang Shik Yang.

Father's Words:

Since America is in the role of the Second Israel. America must create an Abel type organization comparable to the UN. The American Clergy Leadership Conference and the larger Christian foundation must move the American government to create this Abel type institution.

When you look at the world there are two most critical areas. North Korea and the Middle East. We must solve these problems by applying religious solutions. Father is going to Korea to create a new movement there. Saints and sages have united to give a resolution in the spirit world (Clouds of Witnesses). We should make the same movement on earth centering on the first Israel, Second Israel and Third Israel to unite to do the work. The same proclamation must be made on earth.

As we understand history, the first Israel failed, the second Israel must fulfill or it will also be in danger of failure. If the first Israel had received Jesus God's Kingdom could have come. Buddhism, Confucianism, Zoroaster, Hinduism and Rome (externally) were prepared to receive Jesus and go forth and build God's kingdom.

Because it failed all the different religions came out, Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism all emerged as divided religions. Now at the time of the Second Advent, because the UN is the only body that truly represents the world, Father has to deal with it. You Christian ministers must clarify the mission of the first and second Israel at the UN and then the spirit world will come down.

The parents of Jesus should have helped in Jesus marriage. Jesus now has a bride and has fulfilled the family. The first Israel, which is a sovereign nation, must now be prepared and must receive Jesus as the Lord and King.

If Jesus had been accepted, Jesus descendants would have been restored to be the rulers of different districts and regions of the world. It would have taken less than 600 years to build the Kingdom. Because of Christianity's failure after 600 years, Islam was created by God.

If they succeeded at Jesus time there would have been no Christianity but rather a "family" movement to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Because Jesus was crucified the chosen people suffered incredibly, especially in World War II. Also, hundreds of millions of people went to hell because of the failure to receive Jesus.

To rectify this, Israel must repent and receive Jesus as their Lord and King. This is why the Lord of the Second Advent has the mission to restore the mission of the first, second and third Israel. As Christian leaders you must work with Father to bring unity of all the races, black, white and Hispanic. We still see the trend of white people that don't want to deal with other races. These ways must be ended. You have to assist in that.

The kingship of Jesus in the first Israel and second Israel will allow the spirit world and the Jews and Christians who failed will be liberated in the spirit world.

Religion and politics must be harmonized. Hispanics represent Catholicism, Jews represent the first Israel, the western people (other) represent the Protestant. These all must be united as one. With this Islam must also be united together with them as one.

Soon the time is coming that we can proclaim that we will build the Kingdom of God on earth with all religions. That proclamation should be given at the UN. Father is going to give this kind of education to Korea. Since Korea was formed there have been 8 different administrations, they all opposed Rev. Moon. Now the Korean people all feel that Father is the only one who can unify North and South.

The North Korean leader is communist and President Roh is liberal leaning to the left. Many think they may be working together to bring unity. At Jesus time the thief on the left and the thief on the right and Barabbas were there. Christianity is the thief on the right, Communism is the thief on the left and Islam is in Barabbas role.

Father is going there to educate them as to how they must become one. Three primary nations are Korea as the Fatherland, Japan as the Motherland and America as the Elder Son nation. Even the Abel people of this world are still descendants of the satanic lineage. They may be closer to God but they are still linked to the false lineage. Because of this course of indemnity Jesus appeared to cleanse the lineage.

We must learn the lesson from the Jews. Not only 6 million, but possibly the whole worlds population could be destroyed in the first, second and third Israel and all religions fail. It is that serious.

In God's providence, if that happens. There will be a sinless lineage that will be preserved. Think about how serious this is. America has been supporting Israel, yet this is the cause of much of the conflict. Judaism, which rejected Jesus, is really the enemy of Christianity yet America embraces Judaism as an act of loving its enemy.

Japan is Father's enemy countries, Even though the missionaries have been persecuted by American embassies and Father has been mistreated, Father is still loving America from the principle that we must love our enemy.

Now, because of Father's victory, the evil people of Cain and Abel can now become one. The main way that resolution came come is through interracial and interreligious Blessing of marriage. For example, even though you Pastors believe and now receive Father's words seriously you must recognize that you have some kind of tail on you. You still cannot abandon your denomination. You have a tail that still is linking you to the fallen world and holding you back. You have a tail that is connecting you to your old ways and it is hard to break out and become free.

However, your tail must be cut off. The Bible teaches that "those who are willing to die will live." Don't be excited about being here this morning but rather the depth and the scope of the responsibility that you have before heaven.

Skin color doesn't mean anything. The filament of a light bulb is black but when the electricity hits it it becomes a bright light. Don't pay attention to skin color, pay attention to lineage. Make sure that your lineage is clean. You didn't know the importance of blood lineage. Again, Father is emphasizing that there should be no racial concept within you. Those who are in a less fortunate position must be embraced with a parental heart.

(Father suddenly brought up the fact that Dr. E.V. Hill is making the transition to the spirit world.)

Father said: Dr. E.V. Hill will be a great ambassador between heaven and earth. He is truly a great Christian. I made this calligraphy for him that opens the door for him to freely travel between heaven and earth and all realms. He will be free as an ambassador of heaven to go anywhere to save people. He will be bringing a great revolution from the heavenly realm.

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