The Words of the Jenkins Family

American Family - Please Stand Strong

Michael Jenkins
December 8, 2003

Dear Family,

Many beautiful experiences are being shared here in the Holy Land. However, we did not win the battle yet. Today, a group of conservative religious children surrounded our missionaries and spit on the ground. Yesterday a Rabbi exploded when one of our teams went to the synagogue. It is not simple. Mostly the Jewish leaders and the Muslim leaders we are meeting through our Ambassadors for Peace are deeply touched by the work of the Peace Task Force. They are deeply touched by the religious leaders.

We must bring more religious leaders to fulfill the 1440 goal. I am grateful that almost 1000 have signed up. Father said, if only members come it has no meaning. They must come with religious leaders. We must bring one religious leader for each member. The ratio not there now. Please help the minister s to make.

Dear Regional directors. We have been given a goal to bring 1440 religious leaders, Dr. Yang has said at a minimum we can fulfill if we bring solid representation from the four categories. We MUST BRING 720 clergy.

As we are going from Rabbi to Rabbi and to Gaza and to the Mosques - we are on literal thin ice. We are only being protected by God and the conditions that True Parents and you are setting now in America together with the two 84 person task forces. (One in Japan and Korea and One in Israel). Please - Dear Regional directors, we must fulfill. This condition is key to succeeding here. The 8 ministers on the Peace Task Force completely change the spirit of our outreach. Jews are deeply moved by Christians that demonstrate profound respect and love for their hearts and faith. The Muslim leaders are the same. Because of these clergy our members take on a genuine "interrelgious spirit". Members are becoming deeply inspired when they see ministers take the "persecution" and get "run out " of synagogues and Mosques. The tears flowed like a river in two ministers eyes when we took the 84 to Gethsemane today. I know why they were crying. They experienced the rejection that Jesus knew.

We need every family to send one family member and one religious leader. If you can't do that then please give the $500 and sign up one clergy person. If you can't do that help sponsor clergy.

Please push hard. We can't share with you all the difficulties here that the members are going through. Tomorrow I will chose three members to go to Ramallah and stay there to work. Another 7 members will go into Gaza and stay for 10 days. Pray for Them !!! This is not a simple matter.

We shall overcome. We must over come death and the breakdown of the heart.

Peace is blossoming here like mushrooms after a rain, however they must be nourished and connected through the Peace council and the spirit of the Living God through the unified sons of Abraham. Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Please America -- 720 religious leaders - 720 religious members --- We will rally in Gaza, Ramallah and Tel Aviv. We will march in Jerusalem and shout that the God of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and Jacob is a "Living God' that has all power over the forces of death and darkness.

Please, if you have given your other offerings and God has blessed you financially - give $1000 for the Pilgrimage. Those who give $1000 will receive a Geth Semane stone from the prayer ground of Jesus. Today, we prayed at the Olive tree that Father identified as the area that Jesus actually prayed. Today our Jewish sister showed us that Father drove three nails in the tree. The wood has grown around the nails. When Father put those nails in the tree he said the nails represent the three religions of Abraham !!! In 1965 Father was already working on this historic providence.

America has been asked by Father to finance the rally in Ramallah, Gaza and Tel Aviv. The Muslims and Jews are responding. The timing couldn't be better. However when we were in Gaza the key leader there said, we love Father Moon and we want to support this religious dialogue. However, the situation here is tense. The people are deeply disappointed by the "peace" efforts. The Jews and the Palestinian people are deeply skeptical that anything will work. However when you come with the religious leaders it creates an atmosphere that makes us feel hope. That we can come together. It is very unstable here. If we go out into the street, we don't know what might happen. We have to see. Please understand. Give our sincere gratitude to Father Moon for his heart for the people.

Please America - be serious - don't hold back. The victory is within reach but we must really give a great effort now. Bring the religious leaders. We need 400 to either complete their $1000 offering or to make a whole 1000 at one time.

We need manpower. We need you to send your family members here. Father is praying night and day. The 33 years was successful in America, now it must be completed here in the Holy Land. Father has guided us that the successful completion of the mission here will liberate Jesus, the Jewish Family , the Muslim family and the Christian family. The problem of the tensions in Iraq and the worldwide Muslim / Christian / Jewish tension will be relieved and dissolved.

This is our time America. Push for the 1440 and PUSH FOR THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS.

Thanks for your heart America.

So many members are supporting. Please help each other. If a family cannot fulfill completely DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Give what ever you can from your heart. Just give. Don't hold back. Give $40 from your heart. We do not have the funds to continue here, yet we will NEVER TURN BACK from our appointed hour. God is guiding us.

We will heal the Holy Land. Rise up America. The land of magnificent patriots and outstanding faith and love. Your brothers and sisters (Jewish and Muslim) are in a bloody deadlock that must be broken. Yesterday and Israeli soldier (18) was killed. The day before an Muslim 17 year old was killed near where we walked through the gates to Gaza. The blood of youth endlessly flowing as is the blood of American's in Iraq and innocent Iraqis caught in the middle. Stand up America.

I asked one key Imam in Detroit why the common people in Iraq cannot uncover the people who are leading the 30 - 40 attacks everyday. He said because of the situation between Israel and Palestine and America's role is not seen as balanced by the moderate Muslim world.

We now can tip the balance in the right direction. There is no way any government can bring "balance" through politics alone, without the component of the religious faith and roots in the scriptures which teach compassion, empathy and love. Those ethical values cannot be found in the legislative body unless the legislators are people of faith who can understand the wisdom of God through the religious leaders.

We do have the power to heal and bring the enemies together as one family. We have the heart and we have the condition as well as heaven's support. Be bold and strong. Come quickly to the Holy Land.

We can tip the balance now to the direction of heaven.

Rise up beloved Blessed Central Families. Now is the time.

Thanks America.


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