The Words of the Jenkins Family

Meeting Key religious leaders in the Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
December 12, 2003

Dear Family,

The power of True Parents teaching is absolute. If we approach the religious leaders at this time there is tremendous spiritual support for the work to realize the Peace UN spirit that Father has initiated. When the religious leaders come together the walls come down.

Today, we met the Chief Rabbi of Israel (Safardic). We met him based on the invitation of the Rabbi that supported the Jerusalem Declaration on May 18th. The Rabbi was moved by Imam Bundakji (from California), Hod Ben Zvi (Israeli National Leaders) and myself. We had a very good meeting.

Tomorrow we meet the Grand Mufti of Palestine and Israel. The gates are swinging now wide open !!

Please keep the prayer condition going for the task force. The ministers have been going now for almost 14 days without a break. They are incredible. We go from Rabbi to Rabbi, Imam to Imam. It's very interesting.

Yesterday, Imam Bundakji, Dr. Stephen Gabb (American National Messiah to Israel) , Shelly Elkyam and I went to see the head Rabbi of Hatzala in Tel Aviv - an volunteer emergency and nationwide ambulance service. While we were sitting with the Rabbi a huge beeper / email unit on his belt kept going off. He looked down, "oh a car accident on Zecharias Street in Tel Aviv, our people are on the scene in 4 minutes."

This happened several times, then another message came in and he said, "Oh no. A bomb went off in a restaurant in Tel Aviv.!!" Immediately the Rabbi, a handsome middle aged man, began to rock front to back in prayer. Worry streamed across his face. The Holy Land is a land of great tension. We must march forward to end this tension and liberate the people. 3 people were killed and 14 injured - however we latter found out that it was a mafia hit (Israeli) attack on a mob boss.

Pray for Peace in the Middle East.

Thanks America.


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