The Words of the Jenkins Family

Holy Spirit is Pouring Down in Nazareth

Michael Jenkins
December 16, 2003

Dear Family,

The Holy Land is blossoming. The buses are filling up. Imams and Rabbis are supporting the Heart to Heart for Peace in The Middle East Festival. Glory to God.

This morning at our morning meeting Rev. Hatum of Nazareth had a dream. Father Moon appeared in his dream and he was speaking to a large gathering in Korea. Then he was saying keep pushing, keep pushing, keep bringing the people to the rally.

Suddenly he turned to Rev. Hatum in the dream and said "Rev. Hatum, go quickly go. There is no time to sleep. Get up and go. Rev. Hatum awakened and drove 2 hours to Jerusalem to our morning meeting with the Peace Task Force and set the house of fire !!! (Spiritual Fire).

Brothers and sisters. Don't feel anxious if you can't come to the Holy Land. We have enough representatives coming. Now we must send money. Desparately we need your financial support.

The best way now is to give the $1000 donation for the Gethsemane stone from the Garden of Gethsemane.



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