The Words of the Jenkins Family

Merry Christmas from Bethlehem

Michael Jenkins
December 24, 2003

Dear Family,

Father has offered the total victory of the crowning of Jesus and the reconciliation of Jews, Christians and Muslims to heaven. Peace will now reign in God's Kingdom.

Dr. Yang and I have been asked to stay in Israel with the 12 members of the Peace Task Force to create Ambassadors for Peace with seminars.

Dr. Antonio Betancourt and Rev. Schanker will join our victorious IIFWP of Israel to give special seminars until God's Day.

We went to Bethlehem tonight. We were special guests. This is the first Birthday in which Jesus could be welcomed as the King of Peace.

Please pray for the rapid end of all violence and the coming blessing of all families.

The rally on December 22nd was beautiful. It healed the heart of God and Jesus. The march to Al Aqsa mosque was unbelievable. Rabbi Lazorovits couldn't believe his eyes. He never dreamed he could go to this holy place and be welcomed. The head of Al Aqsa Mosque welcomed us. Rev. Hatum from Nazareth, Rabbi Lazorovits and Imam Bundakji reconciled on this hallowed ground. Imam Bundakji led the service which included repentance for anything he had done wrong and then offered forgiveness. Rabbi Lazorovits was overwhelmed. Imam Bundakji cried as they embraced. The time has come for tears to flow like a river. Tears of repentance and tears of Joy over finding our lost brothers.

Thanks to our European Task force, Ron German and all European members are on fire !!!!

Thanks to the Peace Task Force from America. They brought victory to God and True Parents. Thanks to our Japanese volunteers and Mrs. Ku for representing the Korea.

God is with us.

Have no fear. I will be in Gaza tomorrow for Christmas day.

Thanks America.

Push on now and the Kingdom of God will rapidly manifest before our eyes.


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