The Words of the Jenkins Family

Merry Christmas

Michael Jenkins
December 25, 2003

Dear Family,

We spent the day preparing for the education of 1400 Ambassadors for Peace from the victorious rally and march on December 22nd. We realize on this Christmas day that the suffering of Jesus was indescribable and the anguish beyond description when he was not received by the chosen people.

However in each day since the Coronation of Jesus it seems as if the tension and the separation has been dissolved. Rejection by those you love is one of the most painful things that a person can bear. Jesus was so filled with love for God and his family, for Israel and all races and peoples, that he longed for the fulfillment of God's purpose. Only when our desire and purpose is fulfilled can we experience joy. Therefore with the purpose of liberating God and building the Kingdom of God Jesus had to patiently wait and bear the cross of history weeping and longing for the "New Jerusalem".

Today, Rev. Kwak, Taj Hammad, Dr. Walsh, Mr. Yoshida and I went to Bethlehem to the birthplace of Jesus. We prayed together there on Christmas day in gratitude that True Parents could endure all the hardships of history and lead representatives from all races and religions back to the Holy City to restore what went was not fulfilled 2000 years ago. Jews, Moslems and Christians assembled before heaven and earth and marched peacefully together to the Holy Sites of Jerusalem. Then on to the rally of tens of thousands and with the heart of reconciliation Jesus could be welcomed and crowned as the King of Peace and King of Israel, this time with the heart of heaven to fulfill the will of God.

Muhammad (PBUH) could then be given a robe from the Christians symbolizing their affirmation that he is Prophet that God sent to humanity. Then the Muslim representatives gave a Menorah to the Jewish leaders recognizing them as the anointed elder brother of history.

All is forgiven, all is restored. Now we must rush forward without hesitation to the fulfillment of God's Kingdom. Every tear can now be wiped away from every eye.

Thanks America, Thanks to the World Family.


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