The Words of the Jenkins Family

Alabama's Finest - The Younger Generation Leading The Way In Washington

Michael Jenkins
March 12, 2004

Dear Family,

Un Ja Wilson, Mee Young Ladolcetta and Judith Mogavero are here in Washington working for the March 23rd event. They are pushing hard and are totally united with the other young people that are working to move America. It is really great.

The Alabama family can be so proud of these fine examples of dedication. They worked on the hill and visited the Congressmen. They are so fresh and committed that they can touch the hearts of the staff who are not much older. God is working through the younger generation. After my Sunday sermon last week, I asked if any of the younger brothers and sisters would "march" on Washington with me. Without hesitation these sisters volunteered. They have the spirit that built America for God.

Please Pray for March 23rd. It will be a new foundation for America and the world.

Thanks Alabama.



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