The Words of the Jenkins Family

Yeosu is a Paradise

Michael Jenkins
May 5, 2004

Dear Family,

500 leaders from Korea, Japan, America and all the continents of the world have been fishing for three days on the Ocean at Yeosu. The scenic beauty of this area is beyond words. Beautiful green mountain/ islands stand throughout the waters as we would take a 40 minute boat ride to our fishing areas.

40 boats took groups of 12 to their destination as we competed in the Fishing World Peace King Cup Yeosu 2004. The event began with an opening ceremony in which we were welcomed by the city of Yeosu in an event in a small stadium with several thousand people of Yeosu. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang (who is from Yeosu) was the host and the Mayor's office and all key officials were present. National level entertainers who were from Yeosu brought joy to the Anglers who hailed from over 50 nations.

It had a wonderful impact. Fishing is what Jesus did with his disciples and now that is what we are doing with our True Parents. It is not easy. The fishing here is very different than the Hudson River where over 30 " stripped Bass are caught. Here a 6 " fish could get into the contest. The first day was cold and rainy but the spirit of the participants was only made stronger. The Parade with the city of Yeosu was a great joy in which our anglers became the absolute center of attraction. The next two days were very beautiful and typified the most beautiful warm spring weather imaginable.

We went out in 35 foot professional fishing boats. 75 American leaders participated. It looks like Mrs. Erikawa and Chris Hempowicz are contending for a world class prize in the top ten.

Last night we celebrated the lunar date of True Parents 44th Wedding Anniversary. It included an address by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak the representative of all blessed central families. Also True Parents received an incredible honor from the former President of Korea National University. Dr. Hong testified that when the Communist Cold War conflict was at its peak he got the inspiration that there must be a Chinese / Korean dictionary for the future. Because many could only think of the conflict with China no one supported the idea. Only True Father had the vision to see beyond the conflict and support this great work. Now that times changed this dictionary is playing a key role in the opening up of the partnerships needed to work with China to become a nation of the free world.

The celebration ended with fireworks and glorious entertainment. Today we have the closing ceremony.

A special event occurred at Pledge today. Will send in another post.


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