The Words of the Jenkins Family

Testimony of the National Executive Committee of ACLC

Michael Jenkins
May 15, 2004

Dear Family,

A most significant leap forward has occurred for the ACLC. It is rooted in the significant number of clergy who upon hearing the Divine Principle have affirmed the Clouds of Witnesses that True Parents are anointed by Jesus to fulfill the second coming and stand as the Messiah, Savior and Lord as well as the True Parents of All Humanity.

The National Executive Committee of 12 key clergy met for two days and a new structure and development is occurring now with the ACLC. These clergy all believe in Father and are bringing the Divine Principle to their congregations.

One Pastor of the National Executive Committee is Pastor Bennit Hayes. He has a large church and a great number of pastors who follow him in ministry. Here is his testimony.

More will follow. A new day of faith and conviction has dawned for many pastors who have come to the full realization of the mission and life of our True Parents.

Pastor Bennit Hayes at the National Executive Committee Meeting -

Thank you for this opportunity to speak. First, the church I pastor is blessed because of the ACLC. We are more blessed because of the Divine Principle. My biggest problem is I can't get enough of the books. Every time I get books they are fought over. My church follows my lead. I lead by example, and lead by faith and not by sight.

Where there is no vision the people will perish. And I have to believe it before I can sell it. I always knew the Bible wasn't the whole truth. Even Jesus says there was going to come a new truth. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but it is not all there. The Holy Spirit has always been my teacher. But, my parishioners - the followers that God gives me - they fall in love with it because everything I do in the church I include DP. I have the Bible and DP. When I teach my ministers, how to go about preaching, I break the word down and they use DP now. I have folks that want to shoot me - run me out of town. But I tell them that they have been teaching wrong. I start with the Fall of Man.

You have to go back to the status of Adam and Eve were before they fell. You have to repent to get there. Not the fruit in the tree but the pair on the ground. Many ministers don't want to give what they have to others. If they don't they lose their people. I know I have to give everything out that I have here.

It is the same can of soup but it is just warmed over different. I know how to talk to each group. We took down out cross. I talk about the heart of God and how He feels about his son being always on the cross. How would you feel about your son being on the cross and you being forced to wear that picture of him on the cross.



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