The Words of the Jenkins Family

Witnessing And Education

Michael Jenkins
July 11, 2004

Dear Family,

This is the age of Ahn Shi Il or attendance and Settlement. This a time in which the chosen people of God (the Fourth Israel) must apply the lessons of history and exhibit great faith. We have entered this time in history based on the completion of the providential history of restoration. When Father was 16 as he prayed upon a Korean Mountainside he received the commission from Jesus. Answering the call he was led through a course to discover the history of restoration laid out in the Bible. The course of Adam's family, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and thru Moses on through Jesus. On May 5th, the first Day of Settlement and Attendance Father announced that the Pre Millennial Era had ended and we entered into the first day of the prophesied coming of the Kingdom of God. This was achieved through the course of love based on restoration. This is best clarified in the scripture through the sacrifice of Jacob for Esau and their embrace and tears.

This course of restoration is clarified through the Divine Principle. In its contents are the secrets of unraveling humanities separation from God and from one another. This course is the one that True Parents walked. It is the course of restoration through sacrificing oneself for the sake of others. This is the course that each and everyone of us must walk to truly become one with the heart of God.

Now having completed this course from the Individual, Family, Clan, Society, Nation, World and beyond True Parents could receive the title of True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Through that path the key was always in loving Cain. This path is the path that is central to the heart of God. No matter what the central figures of history had the hold the central position of heart and love for all humanity. Regardless of the attitude of Esau, Jacob had to maintain love for him.

This is the time of Settlement and Attendance and based on True Parents completion of their course they have given us the title of "Owners of Choen Il Guk" and "Tribal Messiahs".

Father has been emphasizing recently two Tribes that we must be the Messiah for. First in the "Internal Tribe" which is that of our relatives, that is we should bless our relatives with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine allowing them to receive the lineage of heaven and allowing them to step into the Realm of the Fourth Israel. Father has expressed serious urgency for this condition to be secured by all blessed couples. Its the requirement of heaven for each Blessed Central Family to have the foundation that is required to secure the stable base of the Tribe. The Blessed Central Family is blessed and must develop the foundation of blessing in our own Internal Tribe (our Relatives and Family.)

The other aspect of our "Tribe" is to be found in what might be called the "External" tribe. This is the Tong Ban Kyok Pa or the Neighborhood and community development. Father has now commissioned us that through our own responsibility and in cooperation with the leaders of our community and church, we must raise and bless 3, 36 (3 x 12), 72, 120 and 430 couples from both our internal and mainly our external tribe. Why must we walk this course.

Through the process of raising, sacrificing and caring for others your heart expands and grows. It is ultimately for the perfection of the Love of God expressed through our own individual hearts. We go through this with our Blessed Marriages and Families. Through the course of digesting and overcoming difficulties in relationship our hearts grow in love. That's also the growth that occurs as we live and sacrifice for our neighborhood and our community. Our hearts grow. We become like God.

Now as we build our foundations of substance with our communities we are laying the foundation for each and everyone of us to be the "Messiah" and the "True Parents" to our own family and community. This was the path that Jesus walked. This is the path of True Parents.


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