The Words of the Jenkins Family

Central Direction: Bless your Tribe (Relatives)

Michael Jenkins
August 1, 2004

Dear Family,

In Korea it was conveyed that during this period we should make tremendous effort to Bless our Relatives with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine (juice) before the first anniversary of the founding of the Fourth Israel. (August 20). This is tied to our fundamental direction of witnessing and education in which we are to reach out to our neighborhood and community as our external tribe and to bless our relatives making our internal tribe. This is also considered part of the witnessing condition of Forty Days initiated on July 20 thru August 28th by the FFWPUI.

Please make a condition to reach out and bless your family to be in line with the direction of heaven.

Below you will find some excerpts on Father's words on Tribal Messiahship.

With Gratitude for Your Faith.


Rev. Sun Myung Moon
The Tribal Messiah And My Homeland
March 1, 1993, Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Already, two months have passed in 1993. We are now beginning the third month. Those who are blessed please raise your hands. Nearly everyone. You are all to be tribal messiahs. Before tribal messiahship we worked in our home church area. There we visited 360 different homes. This is our external tribe. There is a Cain and Abel relationship. If we had fulfilled home church work, our tribal messiah work would be very simple. If we had worked hard, moved their hearts, and brought them to us, then the restoration work with our tribe would have been very easy.

Because we didn't make the foundation, Father made it. Father ordered us to go to our tribes. How can we ignore this? We must understand the concept of tribal messiahship. It is our own real foundation, our hometown. If instead we just tag along with Father, we will not have a hometown. Father wants to make a connection between his hometown and ours; this is tribal messiahship. Centering on Father's hometown, we are to make ours. By doing so, we reconnect what was lost during history. By doing that this realm returns to God's side. In the spirit world are you going to live in Father's hometown? You must have your own home. Of course you center on Father's home, but you have to have your own home. If you do not establish your home, you will be homeless in the spirit world. Even if Father goes up, we do not go up automatically. It will just be harder and harder for us to reach Father. If we had understood this correctly, there would be a world of difference between when we joined and when we become the tribal messiah. When we joined we did so just to be connected firmly. At that point we took the new seed and fostered it. We wanted to go to church 24 hours a day. Thus tribal messiahs should feel at least the same. We should do more tribal messiah work. As we do, we can connect to the nation and world. We all have a hometown; it is still satanic. Your hometown is not heaven's land and there are no heavenly people living there. God does not live there. The only way to do that is to do the tribal messiah mission. Do your work and connect them to True Parents and God.

We can learn a great lesson from history. When the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years eventually went back to their home country, the seven tribes were established and living well. The Israelites were almost like beggars in the wilderness after those 40 years. What did they have? Nothing. They all tried to get a job, so to speak, and get by, taking care of themselves. By doing that, they all lost their status and died. When the tribes were formed and they were not willing to go along with God's will, what happened? They paid too much attention to material things, money. They hesitated because they thought, "What about money to support my family and myself? What about my security?" By doing that, they lost their hard-earned tradition which was prepared for over 300 years.

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