The Words of the Jenkins Family

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - 500 Must go from America

Michael Jenkins
August 28, 2004

Dear Family,

Thanks for your incredible support for the World Peace Pilgrimage. We are approaching 400 registered participants. This effort is a direct mission that we have been asked to fulfill representing the Elder Son Nation.

Brothers and Sisters we are affecting the peace process dramatically in Israel. We are called by God to move as Joshua did. We must have total faith and commitment at this time. Please understand that power that has been vested in us as God's representatives. This is the time that God has prepared for the last 2000 years. This is the time when all barriers and blocks to the realm of goodness are being resolved. Remember the Berlin Wall? There was a time when people believed the Soviet Union would never fall and that the wall would never come down. Before anyone could see the future Father predicted clearly that the end of communism would be seen at the end of the 80's. Now Father is saying that the evil and the era power being in the hands of those who divide people has come to an end. Those who sacrifice for others will rise with the power of the Living God.

Also, nations who are represented in this process will also receive the grace and blessing of God by being represented by the Ambassadors for Peace. This is the way that God's blessing can flow to our all nations and particularly America. Since America cannot fulfill her role to reconcile Jews, Muslims and Christians at this time through the actions of our government, this critical role must be played by the Peace UN centering on America through the Ambassadors for Peace and particularly through the clergy.

That's why I sincerely ask every American Blessed Central Family to either go to the Middle East on this pilgrimage or financially support someone to go. Please pledge for the sake of others. We have literally 200 more participants ready to sign up if we can ease the financial burden for them. Please give and sacrifice.

Either send your pledge to or pledge to your regional headquarters. Please do not hesitate.

To bring peace in the Middle East representatives of the Peace UN from all continents and with the coordination of the American IIFWP must fulfill a special condition at this time to go there and directly embrace and uplift the Muslim people. The alienation of the Muslim world is very serious at this time and must be mended.

At the same time the reconciliation between Jews and Christians is also a critical feature of God's providence. Standing on the foundation of the Coronation of Jesus, the door for this reconciliation has opened.

500 must go from America to fulfill this condition. It is a sacrifice that is moving the providence rapidly forward. Dr. Glaubach recently shared at the IIFWP Conference, "Everything is moving and changing, because of the Pilgrimages, for years everything was static and stuck, now it is all changing and rapidly moving forward. Please, Please keep the Pilgrimages coming. They are directly affecting Jerusalem and the peace process."

Thanks America.


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