The Words of the Jenkins Family

From Jerusalem - The City of Peace

Michael Jenkins
November 10, 2004

Dear Family,

Please pray for the Holy Land and for the process of peace. We (IIFWP and the World Peace Pilgrimage) are in a critical position as a faith based organization. Father's perspective that we must work through the religious leaders is absolutely relevant here. Only the NGO's and faith communities can continue to serve and love one another (even enemies) while tensions break into violence. Religious leaders can always keep loving while trying to heal, reconcile and serve.

Please pray for President Arafat, please pray for Prime Minister Sharon. President Arafat's suffering is causing tremendous sadness and prayer in the Palestinian territories. But his sacrifice is also causing people to turn to God. A phase in history is now going through a transition. God is here and if we make the right conditions the hope of Family, Faith, Freedom and Justice will emerge in the Holy Land - for all people.

Regardless of what different people think, he is the man that has the heart of the people. It is clear from the highest level to the common man - he has the heart of the people. We must never forget the help and support he gave for True Parents and our peace efforts. I believe that God touched him. Pray that Allah will care for him in this hour of need. Please pray for Prime Minister Sharon. We are all children of one God. We must be healed and come together for a new era in history. The era of the Peace Kingdom. Pray that God will guide us through this situation.

There are many tensions and dangers at this time, however God's people are coming together. Tonight we had a breakthrough with a large number of Jewish brothers and sisters today at the Bridge of Peace Program. God is working.

The reception the African members of Parliament and Religious leaders received as we prayed at the Western Wall today was overwhelming. Tomorrow we go to Al Aqsa mosque. The Imams are playing the central role now with the President's situation. Against tremendous political pressures the Imams are strictly supporting and following the Koran when it comes to the President's health. These Imams are very close to our leaders. We have bonded in heart. So have many key Rabbis.

Father Hatoum is opening door after door of the Christian leadership here. God is working. Hearts are opening because here in the Holy Land - if you are not for real you will perish.

Today we went to Bethany and Jews, Muslims and Christians and many Muslims and Christians from Africa prayed at the dividing wall between Palestine and Israel. The Palestinians were comforted by the spirit of 23 nations of Africans coming to pray for peace. Dr. Glaubach, who demonstrated tremendous courage, openly said that the wall will not bring peace. If we find God and love each other we don't need walls. If we can end the bloodshed and violence then there will be no possibility of any walls. He said the wall will not bring peace. We must come together and really meet each other heart to heart. He was serious - this was an amazing moment - Never before had such a prominent citizen of Israel come to this area of the Palestinian people. He had no fear and he spoke with love - for all people. Many African members of parliament spoke about the intense conflicts in Africa, yet they still felt that coming to the Holy Land was more urgent. If we can heal the Muslim, Christian, Jewish families here we can heal them all over Africa and the world.

God is working.

Have immense faith at this time.

Please unite and march forward to guide America and the nations of the world that the faith component will change hearts filled with hate and fear into hearts burning with love and hope.

The Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Zambia, Sao Tome, Chad, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Congo and many, many other nations are represented here by highly educated spiritually mature leaders from Africa. Rev. Lee, Rev. Wakhisi and Rev. Kililo should be commended. The Amb. for Peace from Africa have great power. They are touching the hearts of the suffering Jewish and Palestinian brothers and sisters.

God is with us.

Love from Jerusalem.


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