The Words of the Jenkins Family

Blessing Is The Key Condition For America At This Time

Michael Jenkins
November 18, 2004

Dear Family,

True Parents are guiding us directly through each step of the dispensation. Father's all night prayers and speaking tour directly impacted the atmosphere of our nation. God is now seeking to bless and raise America into the role of the True Elder Son Nation that will bring Peace and Reconciliation in each continent.

To do this God always needs a key condition on our part to unlock the fortune and providence of heaven. When we fulfill our portion of responsibility God absolutely will take the result and bring the nation to the next level.

The key condition at this time is the Eight Million Couple Blessing. This is where our efforts should really be concentrated. Each family is asked to be responsible to bless 4,000 couples. Please focus on your Neighborhood and the churches of ACLC. Also expand into your community and the shops in the area. The more we conduct the blessing in ways in which we can follow up the more clearly will be the growth of our movement as a result.

Please continue America. Your reputation is growing in that True Parents are gaining more and more confidence that the goal you are given will be fulfilled. We must fulfill for the sake of the nation and the world.

We will cross the four million mark soon. Please spread the blessing of heaven.

Also, each block should report on Fridays and Mondays by noon.

Through this condition the blessing for America was secured in November. Through the next stage of the blessing the December battle will be won.

Thanks America.

God is with you. Thanksgiving is coming. We have so much to be thankful for, somehow God has preserved our nation beyond her faults for a greater purpose and destiny.

Thanks America.


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