The Words of the Jenkins Family

America Will Fulfill Its Destiny

Michael Jenkins
December 2, 2004

Dear Family,

The depth of the clergy supporting God's dispensation at this time is historic. At our Prayer Breakfast last Saturday in Washington, a turning point occurred in our efforts to reach out to the Religious Leaders and leaders of faith in our Nation's Capitol.

One after the other testified without question that God has given us this moment in history for the people of faith to come together as one family and fully realize God's Hope For America. That all of God's people can dwell together as one family and that the blessing of Marriage will restore God's original ideal for the family. Also that America can be the leader based on a reliance on and faith in the Living God that can bring harmony among the world's religions and secure peace for humanity. This is our Destiny and we will fulfill.

Now is the time for sincerity, prayers and profound faith based on action. We also should be repentful for our shortcomings and yet encouraged by God's love and grace and hand of forgiveness that can now be secured for this nation and the world at this time. True Parents are totally confident in the Religious leaders and their faith in the anointing that Jesus and the saints of heaven have bestowed upon True Parents. Now God wants to bestow this anointing on the Clergy, Religious Leaders, Ambassadors for Peace and all our nations top leaders. This is God's time of the Peace Kingdom.

Rev. Bennit Hayes, a prominent clergyman and national executive Committee member from Texas is testifying to our nations leaders with incredible confidence. God has appointed this hour to create a Legacy for America that is common to all. A Legacy of Faith based on the God of Abraham.

Rev. Hayes prayed yesterday morning for a word from heaven and he received this in the scripture, Acts 18 : 9 "Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city."

God has totally prepared the way for the fulfillment of God's will and hope for America. Jesus is with us. All of the patriots and saints are with us. Now we ask all of our leaders to speak out and reach out to the leaders of this nation upon whom God is now calling to come together to heal the world. Have no fear, but speak out and call forth the anointed of God to transcend all boundaries or race, religion and culture to see the day that the LORD HAS MADE.

Yours in Faith and True Love,


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