The Words of the Jenkins Family

Day of Victory of Love - Heung Jin Nim's Testimony on January 1, 2002

Michael Jenkins
January 2, 2005

Dear Family,

I am sending this from our morning service with True Parents at the Day of Victory of Love. It is so serious here right now. Father is clearly giving us the foundation of understanding for the next four year course.

He is proclaiming that the spiritual world is going to come down during this time in such a force that only Blessed Families will understand what is happening. Please study and prepare yourself.

Here is the speech that is being read at this time. Let us march forward with Absolute conviction. We have been chosen at this time to build the Kingdom of God.

Do not doubt and have no fear. You were chosen for this time as was our second generation.

You have what it takes. Be bold, strong and courageous to proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Love and Total Victory.


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