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Report on the Morning Pledge Service, January 1, 2004

Michael Jenkins
January 2, 2005
7 AM

NOTE: Below is a brief report on the spirit of Pledge at 7 am. Father gave a God's Day address more akin to like it was when he was 50 years old - the morning. The service went from 7 AM to 1:30 PM. The notes on Father's words are being edited and will follow soon.

True God's Day Morning Pledge Service
January 1, 2005
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center

At 5:00 am blessed couples began to gather in their beautiful white holy robes. By 6 AM the Main Hall at Chung Pyung was overflowing, as was the second floor and basement floors.

Rev. Kwak guided us as MC.

The atmosphere is joyous and beautiful. True Parents entered at 6:59 AM. Father and Mother were wearing Blessing Crowns like the white crowns at the major blessings. However, these crowns were golden in color. Their robes were very beautiful traditional royal robes golden in color. The True God's Day Offering Table was perfect with columns of food from all the creation stacked symmetrically and perfectly. 7 Candles stood in front of the offering and Father took the long golden wick which was already lit and lit the candle in the center, then on the far right and the far left (mother clinging to his sleeve as he went from candle to candle), then the next in from the far right and then the left then the third in from the right and the third from the left. Then True Parents bowed before God. Father went to his chair on the left and Mother went to the right. Then the True Family came to bow - accompanied by the wives of the 5 great saints and religious founders in the spirit world. Then the second generation blessed couples bowed. Then the representatives of the three primary nations, then the representatives of the continents. Then Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism. Then the Abel type world and the Cain type world. Then representatives of the Moon Family and the Han Family. Then representatives of the spirit world (Dae Mo Nim and others).

Note: now when representatives bow they must do so with their spouse of a woman representative. They now line up with the men in the first line and the women standing behind. Then Rev. Kwak as the representatives of all Blessed Central Families offered the Prayer and Report to Heaven. Standing behind him and Mrs. Kwak was his son in law Young Jun Kim and his wife respectively. Rev. and Mrs.

Kwak joined hands in the same fashion that True Parents do in the blessing, standing facing each other with their sides facing True Parents and the Congregation. Rev. Kwak prayed expressing deep gratitude for our True Parents. He prayed concerning how God's Day was first established in 1968 before all Blessed Families without anyone really knowing or understanding the significance. Still True Parents just led us forward without hesitation This is a great moment in history. Later Father added "True" to all holidays and God's Day became "True" God's Day. We are now standing at the victorious beginning of the 5th Year of Cheon Il Guk. We stand before our True Parents who in January 13, 2001 the Coronation for God's Kingship was established. God's perfected subjective and eternal being was completely supported. To expand God had to create his perfected objective couple who could stand as his object of True Love. Then through the Coronation providence True Parent's could be established as the King and Queen of Peace. (Synopsis from memory - exact translation will come later).

Upon the completion of Rev. Kwak's beautiful prayer, Father and Mother stood and called for Rev. Eu to offer three cheers of Monsei. (Rev. Eu has mastered this role and it is a joy for heaven and earth. First he announces what each of the three cheers of Og Monsei will be for - first for the Victorious Kingship of Heavenly Father, Next for The True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humanity, next for the fulfillment of the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk.) Then with a thunderous voice he called the three cheers of Og Monsei (Victory forever). Then True Mother helped Father take off his golden robe and then Father helped Mother. They did the ceremonial participation in the offering, taking symbolic drink and taste (and welcoming the ancestors too). Then Father offered food to all of True Family. Next we will share. Father and Mother then sat down in their regular chairs and called for Rev.

Kwak to read True Father's True God's Day message of 2003. In which Father proclaimed the Peace Kingdom. Rev. Kwak read from the Proclamation of God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom.


With Love from Chung Pyung.


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