The Words of the Jenkins Family

Hoon Dok Hae at Chung Pyung

Michel Jenkins
February 12, 2005

Dear Family,

Father is giving so much love to the Japanese members this morning speaking primarily in Japanese.

True Parents look strong, very healthy and vibrant. There is joy in the atmosphere. Then after Father guided the Japanese members with great love and warmth Shin Jun (Hyung Jin Nim's son) who has been was brought out. Shin Jun somehow has brought so much joy to True Parents over the last months. He is somehow the most bright and joyful responsive baby we have ever seen. He is always laughing and smiling when Father picks him up.

Father began to sing the famous Japanese song "What Do You Think That Happiness Is?" It was truly great. He brings joy everywhere. Everyone broke into a delightful song while Father bounced Shin Jun on his knee. We are now in preparations for the True Parents Birthday on February 14th. The spirit at Chung Pyung is very special. With the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Religious Leaders and Ambassadors for Peace here it is quite a moment in history. We are having the IIFWP Conference in the Youth Education Facility just walking distance down the hill from the main training center.

Last night when the American Delegation (Religious leaders and two Senators) shared it was quite interesting. They are strongly testifying that we have to make up our minds. One pastor Rev. Bennit Hayes stated that a "double minded" man is unstable in all his ways. We cannot be double minded with Rev. Moon. We must make up our minds and totally support him or we will be double minded. Rev. Arthur Hilson, renowned Civil Rights pastor and Baptist leader from New England was forthright in his statement. He stood up and said God has called us together.

This is a time that we must bring peace to the whole world. God has called us to join Rev. Moon. My heart is clear. Pastor Barrett helped lead the discussion along with Dr. Antonio Betancourt. Dr. Betancourt emphasized how serious the education of the 8000 religious leaders is at this time. Father Moon is expecting that to become the spiritual force to give America a new universal direction of love and understanding to all races, religions and cultures. One Senator stood up and shared that she felt the presence of her son who had passed into the spirit world years ago. He reassured her that it was so good for her to be here. Then other key representatives started sharing that they felt the presence of the saints and angels here at Chung Pyung.

It is a beautiful moment in history. Heaven and Earth are joining together now as one. Please prepare in your hearts and begin to celebrate the Birthday of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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