The Words of the Jenkins Family

Crown of Peace in Jenkins' Family

Michael Jenkins
February 22, 2005

Dear Family,

The direction of Heaven and the providence at this time is that we should connect our Tribes to the Peace Kingdom. Therefore we should bring the blessing to our relatives and allow them to affirm the King and Queen of Peace symbolically.

I sincerely thank many of our leaders for their prayers and support, especially Dr. Yang. Having journeyed far from home for many years it is not easy for me to "suddenly" return and have a Crown of Peace Ceremony.

However, as True Parents have guided us, Heaven has prepared the way for us. The preparations were a little rocky and my wife Reiko and I were nervous. As with all of our families we long for understanding and support from our relatives. Being called by God to a special mission is not easy for any relative to understand.

I'm deeply grateful to my family in Ohio for supporting the Crown of Peace "ceremony" for True Parents. My brothers supported us - my sister in law took "charge" to help make it happen. My parents then could cooperate. My wife has is fully embraced and loved by our family now. This was a long, long journey as my Father had very deep feelings toward the Japanese as "enemies" since he served in WWII on the PT boats in the Philippines. The grandchildren and God and True Parents constant support to embrace our families in our hometown helped wash away much of the enmity. Certainly Chung Pyung did much to liberate the ancestral gap.

It was very stormy in preparation. "Why the rush?" is always the question. I wanted to fulfill this condition representing America before the February 14 final Crown of Peace in Korea. I felt responsible. I also felt deeply repentful. Because I become so "mission" conscious I didn't do much for my hometown or my family over the years. I could have done much, much more. The day we were to leave we almost felt like canceling. However, often when that "feeling" comes up, I have learned that we must never cancel. We have to go forward. If they reject it, that is the course that we must walk. I felt deeply concerned however that if they rejected this, that I may fail True Parents hope and expectation, for ultimately to win America we must win our families.

When you look at our families it is easy to see that God picked some of the finest possible representatives of every religion, race and background. "True" American's fill the ranks of our movement. Therefore when we win our families, we will have won America. This is not simple. Most of us have gone through utter rejection. Through this however we can understand what it must have been like for Jesus. His family could not understand and they rejected him. How lonely he was. We can comfort him now and through this process comfort the lonely heart of God and True Parents.

As I mentioned, somehow my sister in law took charge and things became stable. I will never ever forget what she did. I am deeply grateful to my wife who went through years and years of the undercurrent of not being really accepted. It is the undercurrent in America of one race to another. Breaking the racial and international barrier is like breaking a "sound" barrier. It creates a big boom and a lot of pain. No one wants to go through this. That's why the majority of people stay comfortably in their own racial and cultural realms. Now the time has changed and through America the foundation was set for the mixing of all peoples. Through the blessing the true restoration and reconciliation of all races and peoples can now occur.

When my sister in law took charge everything went smoothly. I gave a powerpoint presentation on our work in Israel. It helped so much. It could give some clear and substantial understanding of our work for peace.

We had the blessing with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine from August 20, 2004. This Holy Wine sets a condition not only of the Heavenly lineage but also, engrafts our family and tribe to True Parents and sets the condition for our entry as a tribe into the Peace Kingdom of the fourth Israel. (It is like the blood of the lamb on the door posts of the Israelites in Eqypt - it provides a covering of grace and protection to our families). Also the Holy Wine from August 20th allows for not only our family but our ancestors and even our nation to receive grace through this condition.

My two younger brothers (who are fraternal twins) presented the Crowns of Peace for True Parents. My parents totally supported us. We were accepted as the spiritual leaders of our tribe. We then gave everyone the ACLC Crown of Peace pin. Everyone received their crown of glory.

When I was at the final Crown of Peace ceremony in Korea, over and over again I could feel how valuable it was to have set the condition to allow my own tribe to "affirm" the King and Queen of Peace. I did not stand there as an individual but standing in the fulness of our "tribe" and its affirmation of the will of heaven. How much did they understand? Enough to say yes and to affirm True Parents and my own role. The gate is open for them to understand more now. Certainly the ancestors are helping us.

Again, I especially thank our VRD's who prayed for me when I revealed to them at our national meeting my apprehension over how I would set this condition. Especially in light of the minuscule love that I gave my family since I was "called". I repented to my family and they received it. They didn't understand my calling. When they saw the work in Israel and Gaza they felt something. I especially thank Rev. McCarthy for his prayer and understanding about this course. Also, I thank Dr. Antonio Betancourt for so faithfully going forward with his tribe to fulfill this course. It gave me confidence.

Please forgive God for being such a poor leader. I pray that I will change and become what God and True Parents hope for and called for me to be.

Thanks America for your love and sacrifice.

Let's Complete the Internal and External Ideal of Cheon Il Guk.

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