The Words of the Jenkins Family

North Dakota Seminar

Distributed by Michael Jenkins
February 25, 2005

We held "Community of Faith Seminar" at University of Mary Fargo Center from 2:00-5:00pm on Feb 12 (sat). Dr. Keith Anderson & Mrs. Gudrun Gavin drove 4 hours to help our seminar. Dr. Anderson's powerpoint presentation was well received. He spoke from his heart & embracing guest with his gentle eye. It was very inspiring presentation with deep content.

Mayor Bruce Furness gave a welcoming message and Mrs. Gavin shared the testimony of her 21 day interreligious work in Israel in 2003. And Mr. Larry Olson gave report and testimony about Dec 13 "Common Legacy Breakfast banquet" and Rev. Moon's speech. Felix who came from Nigeria, Africa offered a beautiful convocation prayer. He was deeply moved by Dr. Keith A. presentaion. He is preparing for Matching & Blessing. Mr.Kenneth Musungu who is working to get Ph.D for Educational Leadership was in attendance. He is from South Sudan. He would like to build Hospital & school in his Homeland. Pastor Paul Agamiri from Sudanese Fellowship church, left middle of very important board meeting and came to our Seminar. He would like to get power point CD to teach his congregation.

Joan MacCaslin did wonderful jod at registration table. She brought her 2 daughters along. They enjoyed very much. Even though Joan's cancer came back and she has to start chemo again, still she scarifices so much to come. Cindy did nice job as a MC. She is becoming very professonal. Roshan taped whole program and helped to set up refreshment table. Aloycia (10) was very attentive & good attitude, We had very good team work. Unity brought a hermony & victory for True Parents & Heavenly Father. Larry's new wife Toshiko san baked muffin & brownie and served drink for everyone.

Class room at U of Mary was just right size & lighting system was good. It was a very sucessful event. Thanks everyone for the great experience!

Reported by Keiko Foss

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