The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Next Journey to the Holy Land - The Path to the Peace Kingdom

Michael Jenkins
February 26, 2005

Dear Family,

Our role at this time of the providence is crucial. Just a few hours ago another bombing occurred in Tel Aviv. This is at a time when all key figures of all sides, both religious and political are seriously pursuing the path to peace.

We ask that you pray for the peace process between Israel and Palestine. The use of violence is not in line with God's will and providence and sets back the cause of Justice and Peace that is sought by true believers - Jews, Christians and Muslims.

This is the most important time for Religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace to deepen our commitment to heal the family of Ishmael and Isaac. Soon we will journey to the Holy Land. We will go as one body of believers in the one God of all Humanity. We go as Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders as well as Ambassadors for Peace. We will meet our counterparts in Gaza, Ramallah and Jerusalem. We pray for the victims of this violence and pray for their families. It is our prayer that the leadership in Palestine and Israel will quickly gain the high ground based on faith in the one God of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and Jacob.

Our role as the Elder Son nation is to bring such a spirit of healing and understanding that we will strengthen people of faith in Israel and Palestine to hold strong to the path of peace. We, as religious people, condemn the killing and destruction of any and all of the family of man. From Tel Aviv, to Gaza to the Sudan. It is time to end the bloodshed and lift up the love of God and the love for life.

We are desperately needed at this time in history. Muslim, Christian and Jewish clerics are forming unbreakable ties through the movement of IIFWP / ACLC and the work of Father and Mother Moon that will not be deterred from the course that God has set for us - the path to peace through love and sacrifice for all of God's people.

Please prepare the very best and most faithful American religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace for our next journey to the Holy Land. The Imams in Gaza, Ramallah and the certain Rabbis in Tel Aviv as well as Christians in Nazareth and Jerusalem are anxiously anticipating our arrival. They long for the support of the people of faith from America that are committed to join hearts and hands together for the will of God. American faith leaders must rise up at this time to bring the movement of reconciliation and peace to the Middle East.

The foundation that was established by the Jerusalem Declaration (May, 2003) the Washington and Seoul Declarations were the basis for the forming of Fourth Israel (A new basis of Chosen people of all faiths) and the Peace United Nations. The Cheon Il Guk (Kingdom of God is the Internal foundation) and the Fourth Israel is the external foundation for a new nation of God. This will be the basis for the Peace Kingdom.

It is time for us to March for Peace from our neighborhoods and communities to the nation and the world. We have the power and mandate of history. The time has come for all believers to rise up against evil and transform the world into True Families of goodness, blessed and engrafted into the realm of heaven. It is time for the Peace Kingdom.

We Shall Overcome.

"Now, Heaven can wait no longer. This year, by the demands of the providence many righteous people who follow me made a stand to rid themselves of their enmity for each other. Religious leaders who had previously refused even to sit down together-Jewish clergy representing the First Israel, Middle Eastern clergy representing Islam, and American clergy representing Christianity-gathered in Jerusalem. These traditional enemies took each other by the hand and announced the Jerusalem Declaration. Next, a large number of religious leaders from across religious boundaries gathered in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, which represents Christianity, the realm of the Second Israel. These religious leaders proclaimed a resolution from the earthly world in response to the resolution adopted by many leaders-including the five great saints-in the spirit world. On the basis of these declarations in Jerusalem and Washington, a third declaration, the Seoul Peace Declaration, was adopted in Seoul, Korea, on August 15 and announced to the world by its Jewish, Islamic, and Christian clergy signatories. Please bear in mind that these steps were the providential preparations for the founding of the Abel United Nations.

"Abel United Nations" means "Peace United Nations." The Abel United Nations will be a structure that guarantees world peace. On earth, tens of thousands of Ambassadors for Peace and millions of other leaders around the world are carrying the torch of the Peace United Nations.

Humanity now has the responsibility to work through the Peace United Nations to build, on the earth, the Peace Kingdom that God and all people have longed for. Attending God as our King, and, aligned internally on Cheon Il Guk and externally on the Nation of the Fourth Israel, it is our responsibility to build a world of peace that represents both the spiritual and earthly realms and that transcends religions and nations."

Let Us Perfect the Peace Kingdom
Through the Peace United Nations
Keynote Address
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 15, 2003

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