The Words of the Jenkins Family

Seung Hwa For Our Beloved Brother, Johanan Heung Sun Darsey

Michael Jenkins
March 16, 2005

Dear Family,

Our young brother, Johanan Heung Sun Darsey (12 years old) made the transition to the next world on Sunday night in Alabama.

Johanan Heung Sun Darsey is the son of Reed and Sabine Darsey who have been an outstanding family of faith and attendance. We express profound sorrow for this family for their loss. Johanan was a model person among the second generation and a young person with great purity, love and heart for God, True Parents and all brothers and sisters. His passing came as the result of an accident. We are deeply saddened by this great loss and yet we are strengthened by the outstanding faith in God that Reed and Sabine have demonstrated during this time of suffering. As we hear the testimonies about him, we are deeply moved and grateful for the beautiful life that Johanan led. We pray that all of our blessed families can cover the Darsey family with your prayers of love and support. We also ask that you pray for all the families of the Alabama Region.

The Seung Hwa will be held on Thursday at the Alabama Family Church. Rev. Joshua Cotter, Vice President of the Family Church of America (National President of World CARP USA) will give the Seung Hwa message.

Donations can be sent as follows:

Note on check (For the Darsey Family)

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Darsey Family Fund
C/0 Rev. Eric Holt
4 W. 43rd St.
NY. NY 10036

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