The Words of the Jenkins Family

Parents' Day Offering Reminder

Michael Jenkins
April 16, 2005

Dear Family,

A national offering was requested in the last HQ Memo (nhqmemo20050407) requesting a national donation for the Parents Day Celebration.

Please send this to your Regional HQ. The donation request went out just before the Holiday as the event became an international event with 151 nations represented.

Please make this condition.

The Regions will send it on.


Rev. Jenkins

DONATION: All Blessed Central Families are requested to make a special offering of $100 for True Parents Day this year. The True Parents Day Celebration has become an International event with leaders coming from all over the world. Due to the increased efforts to make this celebration one of the greatest for the King and Queen of Peace we have increased all areas of the Parents Day program. We will be having world class entertainment for the 2 pm celebration. . Please send the offering to your regional headquarters in the as soon as possible. The regional will send it on to the National.

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