The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Love For America

Michael Jenkins
April 24, 2005

Dear Family,

I have had the immense blessing of being with True Parents a good bit of the last thirty plus days. Father and Mother's love for America is beyond words. Guiding the leaders every day concerning the importance of this great dispensational Elder Son Nation. Father is confident that the American movement is mature and ready to fulfill all and any responsibility.

Father and Mother were happy with the True Parents Day Celebration. Especially seeing Rabbi Waldman, Imam Jodeh and Bishop Stallings give Tribute to Father's victory for Peace in the Middle East. This was underscored in a great way by Eti and Samer who are Jewish and Palestinian respectively and were discovered on our last tour to the Holy Land on the day we had a large meeting for Jewish leaders. They performed beautifully lifting up their arms (one with a Palestinian flag the other with an Israeli flag). Also David D'or from Israel lifted all our hearts. After he met IIFWP in Israel when the American and European delegations were at the national hall, he testified that he really saw a vision of peace when he saw Muslim and Christian and Jews together that night. He said later he couldn't sleep over the excitement.

Now David Eaton and David D'or are planning a special concert for Jewish people in America with the NY City Symphony and the Jewish Symphony. All of the people of God are coming together.

Today, Senator Donzella James attended the morning Hoon Dok Hae. She was deeply grateful to True Parents for her experience with the Divine Principle at Ocean City. She quietly and humbly testified today that "Father you are the Messiah. Many important people are coming to understand it. I was so moved by the Divine Principle. Rev. Schanker and other leaders lecturing. Especially the clergy from different backgrounds reading directly from the Principle.

I can't wait to get home and read every word from cover to cover. Also, when Rev. David Reed lectures I had a breakthrough. My son was killed by a drunk driver and when I was in Korea for your Coronation in February, I went to the prayer hall and during my prayer there. My son walked up smiling accompanied by a young Asian man and a white person with dark hair. I was taken aback and thought I was just imagining all this. Then he came up and said "That's my mom praying there. Hi Mom !!!" I began to cry. (She was crying at this point). I was moved but also I didn't understand. Then when Rev. David Reed lectured about the Resurrection, everything became crystal clear. It was really my son who appeared to me for real. Now my mind is totally at peace. I could see that he was totally happy. The spirit in the room changed from the lecture. I could feel that my experiences were real and that my son lives." Father replied, because you are here now you can be totally happy and fulfilled in your life. She said, "my husband and I are now a blessed couple. My husband had serious knee problems and is waiting for kidney transplant. When we went to Israel for the Pilgrimage my husband was totally healed in his knees. The doctors were amazed. They said that the cartilage grew back and he doesn't need surgery now. The healing occurred while he stepped in the Jordan river. We know that this is the power that God and Jesus are bringing through True Parents. I am so grateful to be here."

This is just a small, tiny glimpse of some of the daily events occurring around True Parents. Father is so serious and yet all is coming together.

Suddenly the other day Father told us to go back to Israel, immediately. Now we are going again. The saints are gathering to bring the blessing of Peace.

God is on the throne in heaven, True Parents are on the Throne of Peace. All will be reconciled. The speed at which this occurs will be determined by how quickly the Blessed Central Families read Father's word and bring blessing to their homes, communities and the nation.

America is ready to go to the next stage in the providence. Our time has finally arrived.

Thank you True Parents.


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