The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Conclude 38 Days In US

Michael Jenkins
April 25, 2005

-True Parents Leave for Korea-

True Parents concluded 38 days in America. So many victories and providential landmarks were achieved. During this time 7 key nationsí Key Leaders and Ambassadors for Peace came and studied DP and received Fatherís historic address. These nations are the 7 key nations that are rapidly becoming central to the future direction of the world. Also, the ACLC Divine Principle conference of 120 clergy was particularly pleasing to Father because the Clergy were teaching directly from the Color Coded DP book. It was a new level. Many scholars attended. Father also was inspired by the trip to the Middle East that occurred during this period. He said that if we continue this way Peace will rapidly come in the Middle East.

We sincerely thank all families for continuing to faithfully unite with True Parents centering on Dr. Yang. This is the turning point of all of history. The King and Queen of Peace give us confidence that the whole world will change by 2008.

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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