The Words of the Jenkins Family

Testimony From Jerusalem Dignitary

Michael Jenkins
May 4, 2005

Dear Family,

Our Ambassadors for Peace had a special session on April 3rd after we met with members of the Knesset earlier in the day. This gathering was a high level gathering with significant Jewish judges, Generals, Professors and people of influence. We introduced the work of the IIFWP Middle East Peace Initiative.

Here is a testimony from a very important Jewish Scholar.

With love for our beloved Jewish family.


Dear Mr. Rev. Jenkins,

Prying myself away from this useful but also trying invention called the "Computer", I came along with my husband to the event of Mr. Ali Birani, Carmel, Israel, last Sunday (April 3), not knowing that it would turn out to be such an uplifting evening! Why do I say this? We all go our way in life, wishing the world would be a better place for fulfillment of life. We do not really find the chance to change matters to the better, but we talk about it. We see people, yes even nations moping, hating, fighting but still hoping for deliverance.

Here I came and saw, and felt the genuine ("childlike") pure aspiration of good people from all walks of life, from all approaches to our Creator, from all the different continental backgrounds not just talking but doing: joining hands and proclaiming love to life, love to our Creator, love to our fellow man. How it gave me hope, I cannot tell you! But why do I say "childlike": Well, if we approach everything by our intellectual discernment, we destroy the beauty of life, the hope, eventually life itself. That's why we do need to preserve our childlike nature to counteract the biting and sometimes even destructive intellectual capacity we have.

We Jews say, that if you do not have the "understanding heart", you cannot serve God properly. Well, this is a higher truth, that the heart gives our lives reasons for happiness, joy and also sadness and desperation, but - if we do not combine this aspect of emotional existence with the intellectual understanding of creation, we are lost. Therefore, the childlike (pure and genuine) approach is the healthy and healing approach to life.

May you never loose your spirit, which inspired in me in the sense that I found a very unique person in front of me, filled with good will for mankind and a loving radiance to his fellow man.

Best wishes,

E. M.

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