The Words of the Jenkins Family

Greetings From Jerusalem

Michael Jenkins
May 12, 2005

Dear Family,

As always the spirit of the Holy Land is deeply moving. Participants of our IIFWP / Middle East Peace Initiative Conference entitled, "Innovative Approaches to Lasting Peace and Stability in the Middle East," is composed of delegates from Korea, and China and the former WWII enemies America, Germany, Italy, France, England and Japan. It is amazing to see the level of the Ambassadors for Peace that have come from these and a number of other European nations.

Many members of Parliament, journalists and key decision makers have joined us for this journey for peace.

Mr. Hod Ben Zvi, the secretary general of IIFWP in Israel welcomed us on the first evening. Father Hatoum offered prayer and Sheikh Ali Birani and Sheikh Samik Natur offered words of encouragement praising the consistency of the delegations coming to the Holy Land. Mrs. Glaubach offered a special candlelighting and moment of silence for all that lost their lives for this memorial day in Israel. She expanded it to all those from all faiths that lost their lives in conflict. It was beautiful we all stood for a moment of prayer and remembrance.

Father Moon's vision is real. Dr. Walsh as Secretary general is chairing this historic conference. Rev. Song from Europe gave the welcoming address. He encouraged us all to truly find the path to peace by understanding God and loving each other.

The next morning began with Dr. Glaubach giving a briefing on the situation in the Middle East as well as the impact of the different journeys to the Holy Land. His testimony was quite deep. "I have lived in Jerusalem for 45 years and still the city fascinates me, you can never discover all its secrets. Just think you are standing on the ground upon which Jesus walked, Abraham came and Isaiah prophesied. This is the most historic place and all the Abrahamic faiths are spiritually tied here." He went on, "I want to tell you sincerely as a dedicated and loyal Jew, I am so moved in my heart that Rev. Moon would ask us to remember this time of Memorial and the founding of Israel. I want to say that only Rev. Moon can do the work that is really necessary to bring us all together and to heal the divisions of humanity. He is the one that is doing it. He is achieving amazing changes here in the Holy Land. You may not see it but one who has observed these Religious leaders and international delegations coming to Israel over and over. This is the 14th time. It is amazing. I see it clearly that each journey and group brings a change. It is changing the atmosphere, slowly but surely, its the continuity and the consistency. It is the spirit of this effort. There has been a long history of movements that have come to Jerusalem and changed history, but this is the movement that is really working to change Jerusalem for Peace. Rev. Moon is the True Parent ! "

MEPI has conducted 30 events, conferences and special events and briefings since February 2003. It has been a continuous development. Since the first Pilgrimage of America through the MEPI Fact Finding tours 14 "Journeys" to the Holy Land have been conducted. Always the participants are religiously diverse. Some of the key Imams from Europe and the United States on this journey.

Interestingly about 40 journalists have joined this effort. Articles are going forth across the world. The foundation of Ambassadors for Peace from Israel, Palestine and the nations of the world come together and a feeling of hope and change permeates the atmosphere.

This morning we conducted our opening plenary. Dr. Walsh gave a clear and deeply insightful briefing on our core philosophy which has two main pillars of our philosophy, they are 1) Living for the sake of others. Loving your enemies and sacrificing for others. 2) Reconciliation is the key to achieving peace. We must reconcile and resolve our differences and live together with love and respect for one another.

Dr. Yang's Keynote address was a key foundational message. It laid out the fundamental work of MEPI and that that work centers on bringing the people of faith together. Archbishop Stallings commented, "This is profoundly deep message. It gives the foundation for everything we are doing." Commenting on the presentation was Dr. Mohsen Mouelhi, the Mufti of the Conference of Sufi Jerahi in Italy. Sheikh Mouelhi's message was strong and clear, what we have heard from the conflict in the Middle East distorts the perception of what religion is about. Islam is a religion founded on the Koran and guided by the Words of Allah. It is a religion of profound depth and spirituality that guides all to truly love and serve God. What we are doing here gives a correct understanding of the role and value of religion. Religion when properly practiced will bring peace. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all founded on God's Word and when practiced correctly causes us to live in harmony together. Mr. Larry Moffit, Executive Director of the World Media Association gave very clear insight that encouraged all the journalists to see that they were on the cutting edge of a most powerful breaking story. That is that religious leaders will make the way for peace in Jerusalem. It is happening right before our eyes.

The next session was an overview of IIFWP Vision and the work of MEPI. A key Knesset member came and addressed the body. He is an arab member of the Knesset and quite capable and clear in his leadership. He is a person that sees the value of the IIFWP and really encouraged us to continue. He shared that he has spoken on the Knesset floor many times that weapons, force and walls will not bring the atmosphere of trust and understanding. Only through mutual respect and dialogue can this be achieved.

More reports will follow. We are seeing the way of Peace continue to develop on every level. A delegation went to Al Aqsa Mosque today and were well received. It is quite something to see Imam Bundakji, Imam Jodeh and other Muslim Ambassadors for Peace so diligently pursuing the work of peace. They have understood the vision of Father Moon that the one God of all mankind is calling us to come together now as people of conscience and work to bring harmony and cooperation among the religious people and people of conscience who have strong moral principles. This is the real battle we are fighting, not against enemies or powers but rather fighting to bring God's people together. When Joshua did this at Jericho - we know what happened - the wall came tumbling down. That is why Dr. Glaubach and so many other Ambassadors for Peace from the Holy Land and from around the world get an overwhelming sense of confidence that as the people of faith come together the things that are not of God will diminish and yield to a New Jerusalem. A holy city that is prophesied in scripture. The one that Rabbi Broadman always talks about in which the day will come when many nations will come to Jerusalem and all will be called God's people. The day that is realized upon the return of the Messiah.

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