The Words of the Jenkins Family

Understanding The Providential Grace

Michael Jenkins
June 1, 2005

Dear Family,

We are standing at the most central point of the providence. The 5th year of Cheon Il Guk is the year in which our True Parents were confirmed on the final stage as the King and Queen of Peace. On February 14, 2005 Religious leaders, former and current heads of state confirmed this historic and eternal moment on a "Cosmic" level meaning that it was recognized by Heaven, the spirit world and earth by all the righteous.

From that time a new dispensation unfolded and a new order of heaven has begun. Father established Rev. Kwak as the representative of True Parents to all blessed families and then confirmed the role of the Dr. Yang and all the Continental Directors to lead our movement of families, religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace in the work of establishing the substantial Peace Kingdom.

Our identity is that of the chosen people of the fourth Israel. We are people that have been called by God from all faiths, races and peoples on the foundation of a new covenant that has been established by our True Parents through the complete restoration of Adams family.

Through the blessing and grace that we received on August 20, 2004 we once again shared the covenant of the Holy wine/juice with all Blessed Central Families, Ambassadors for Peace and Religious leaders. Through this special grace was extended through the representatives there to all of the world.

The condition of covenant made through the blessing and holy wine of August, 2004 added another component. It was not only grace for us as individuals but it established a condition of grace for the ancestors, faith traditions and nations which were represented at this blessing and coronation of August 20, 2004 in Korea. (Thus the reason it was so crucial for key political and religious leaders to attend the Coronation from each continent), Grace could then be internally secured for every nation and people represented.

This condition of grace had several key elements. First, for those who had not already taken the holy wine (juice) it established the condition to change the blood lineage to that of heaven's side. Through this process we are engrafted from the false Olive Tree to the True Olive Tree. Second, as was accomplished in August 2003 (in the previous Holy wine condition) it allowed all who partook in this condition to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk (the internal Heavenly Nation or Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) and to become members of the newly established Fourth Israel. This substantial body of the Fourth Israel is still in "spirit" and eventually must become complete through the establishment of the Heavenly Nation. It is a substantial body of faith composed of Muslims, Christians and Jews and all faiths, ethnicities, nations and peoples.

The grace offered through this process is unique in that it is connected to the concept of Seok Bang (total and complete release and freedom) That is why Father changed the Family Pledge number eight from just Hey Bang (liberation) to Hey Bang and Seok Bang. Hey Bang can be compared to the liberation and release given to a prisoner that has paid his or her dues to society and has been released from prison. Though the debt has been paid, the record remains. The grace of August 20, 2004 goes beyond simple grace where we are liberated or forgiven for our sins. This condition established "Seok Bang" in which we are given total freedom or release from our "record" of sin. In other words in the True Kingdom of Heaven there can be no acknowledgement of the fallen history of evil and sin. Therefore we cannot bring the baggage of our mistakes, our ancestral past or our national or racial sins as a record with us. The record must be expunged. This is the meaning of this grace of August 20, 2004. This is why all Unificationists worldwide were asked to drink the Holy Wine once again even though we already had the change of blood lineage and the condition of entering into the Fourth Israel. With this condition of August 2004, in the eyes of God, we have no past record when we have completed this condition allowing for such grace. We are qualified to be citizens of the new Fourth Israel and Owners of Cheon Il Guk.

To extend this grace substantially to each nation, the Coronation was then affirmed in every continent and most of the nations of the world. Through the affirmation of the King and Queen of Peace (based on participation by key representatives of each nation) a condition of grace could be extended to each nation and people and then each could be established as a nation that had a conditional position as a nation of the Peace Kingdom. Also, we are also to affirm this Coronation on the family level through the Coronation ceremony done in each family and tribe. This sets the condition of grace for each family and also allows them to be connected as a family or tribe of the Peace Kingdom.

After the Coronation was conducted and affirmed in each nation and continent then this could be "sealed" internationally through the evening of December 13th at the International Coronation in Washington. This process was completed when the IIFWP representing all religions and nations and the Mongolian Federation (representing all peoples not covered by IIFWP ) offered the "Cosmic" Coronation on February 14, 2005. "Cosmic" means that it was affirmed both by the saints of heaven and the righteous on earth.

On this basis Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and all Continental leaders conducted the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly in Korea in February and in March in the U.S. On this foundation a new order of leadership and methodology has been established worldwide. We are now extending this to our key leaders in North America on June 2 - 5.

For a deeper understanding of the foundation of this historic providence please read Father Moon's address of August 20, 2004 at the Blessing and Coronation (Below). With the grace that is offered we also are asked to establish three conditions: the Revolution of Indemnity (atonement), the Revolution of Conscience and the Revolution of Heart. Also, in this address the era of the 8th day Sabbath of Ahn Shi Il are explained. We are now in the era of the rapid expansion of the Kingdom of Peace, the Kingdom of God on earth. To actually recognize this development we must be people who are holy and established in the word of God. That is why the essence of our course as Blessed Families centers on the Word of God and we are encouraged to begin a daily process of Hoon Dok Hae in which we gather each morning and read and study the Word of God. We are to go through the three revolutions of indemnity, conscience and heart while recognizing that everyday is now the Sabbath and every eighth day is a day in which we focus our devotion on Ahn Shi Il or (Attendance and Settlement). We are now to extend this grace to each community through the Hoon Dok Family Church (Neighborhood Family Church/ Home Church / or Family Federation), we are to expand it to the religious field by each blessed family extending this covenant and condition of grace to three churches. This is the reason behind the "One Family, Three Churches" direction we have received.

The Peace Kingdom is a substantial reality that is unfolding with each step we take at this time in God's providence. Moving with us are the Ambassadors for Peace, religious leaders, women leaders, youth leaders and NGO leaders who are called by God to establish the Peace Kingdom. Our work with the IIFWP / IIPC in the Middle East is a key condition that must be accomplished to unravel and defuse the conflicts of all people through history. On that basis we will see the Unification of North and South Korea by peaceful means. We should rejoice each and everyday for the absolute reality and the unfolding of God's historic plan.

Please study Father's speech of August 20, 2004 for more understanding.



Ambassadors for Peace in the 21st Century - Declaration of the Advent of a Revolution of True Heart and the Era of True Liberation and Complete Freedom

August 20, 2004

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Founder IIFWP and IIPC

Seoul, Korea

Distinguished heads of state, world leaders, ladies and gentlemen:

Humanity, flying on the winds of heavenly fortune, has now entered a providential time in which we are to establish a world of eternal peace in a new Heaven and new earth. You came here and received the Holy Blessing, because Heaven has chosen you as the main leaders who are to accomplish this incredible task of Heaven. The coming of the new Heaven and new Earth may not be visible to your eyes. I however, can see the spiritual power of the era after the coming of Heaven. I would like to share with you the words that God has given you at this special moment so that you may understand that you have received Heaven's command to open the era after the coming of Heavens and bring true liberation and full freedom to God, who is our True Parent.

Dear guests, when we look at the present time from the viewpoint of human history and of God's providence through the ages, we see that we live in an era of tremendous significance. It is impossible to establish a world of peace through human effort alone. Heavenly fortune must also be present. The words I convey to you now are a tremendous grace that God is giving to humanity at the opening of the era after the coming of Heaven, which is the new Heaven and new Earth. At the same time, they are a warning. Heaven will surely give new life to those who seek to lose their lives out of a commitment to Heaven's command, but those who ignore this command will naturally fall into failure. Please listen carefully, and never forget that Heaven has called you for this very special time.

True Parents Are the Hope of God and Humankind

To humankind, God stands in the position of the parent of all parents, the teacher of all teachers, and the king of all kings. This is because God is an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being. He is the origin and root of true love and has the attributes of being absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

Today the hope of fallen man is to meet God's true Son, who is the Messiah. We, who are descendants of the Fall, can meet God's son, who has escaped the realm of Satan's accusation. After that, we can seek to establish families God can love, that is, families formed centering on True Parents. On this foundation we can discover God's love and, ultimately, meet God directly.

Only the perfected Adam, the True Father, can create a relationship of love centering on God's love. But a father alone cannot become a parent. He needs to find his true partner. That partner must be a true woman.

The True Parents become the unified center from the scope of the individual to that of the world and cosmos, and they can be engrafted onto all those dimensions—the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world. I have been preparing for this task throughout my life. Humanity must pass through the gate of True Parents. Unless we pass through the gates of true parenthood, we cannot connect to God's heart.

In this fallen world, nations are unable to connect in heart with one another, religions are unable to connect in heart with one another, and families are unable to connect in heart with one another. To break down the walls that block us in all four directions, we first need to establish a bond with God's heart. Who in reality will take on this task? We can conclude that only the True Parents, who come as the true mediators of Heaven, can do so. It has been God's desire and humanity's dream to find the lost True Parents.

Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, should have become the true ancestors of humankind, the True Parents of humankind whom God truly longed to see. All people should have been born as the blood relatives of those True Parents. The True Parents of humankind should have appeared with the beginning of history as the glorious incarnation of God. They should have substantiated God's eternal victory before humankind.

Due to the Fall, human beings departed from the laws of Heaven, lost their original selves, and were degraded into an evil mob that trampled on the heart of God. Consequently, human beings are struggling through the course of restoration to rediscover their original selves and seek the world of true heart. Due to the Fall, humanity fell to a position lower than that of the creation. People fell into a miserable position in which they could not relate freely with God.

Since they could not redeem themselves from this position on their own, God worked to awaken and recreate humankind. But in spite of God's desire to save pitiful humanity, He is helpless, unable to act in the realm of the Fall or below that realm. This is because God had no relationship with the Fall. Thus, God has waited for the day the Messiah, as the second Adam who stands in a position above unfallen Adam and Eve, could establish God's family and become the True Parent. Only on the foundation of such a family can the true, filial son appear. True patriots can emerge from a nation based on such a family. When this foundation expands to the world level, true saints will appear. When expanded to the cosmic level, divine sons and daughters will appear. The representative of Heaven, Heaven's heir, will appear only on the basis of such true families.

God Is the Vertical True Parent; True Parents Are the Horizontal True Parents

Ladies and gentlemen, "true parents" is a term that originated within God's mind before the beginning of creation. Because all the ideals of God's creation began under the ideal of true love based on true parents, the term "true parents" represented God's hopeful longing before creation began. Countless people throughout the course of God's providence were sacrificed before God could establish the True Parents. God worked through various religions that He established at appropriate times in the course of His providence. Thus among religions there are those on the level of the angels, there are Cain-type religions, Abel-type religions, religions on the level of an adopted child, religions on the level of a step child, religions on the level of foster parents, religions on the level of the True Mother and religions on the level of the True Father.

When we look at the history of Christianity, we see that Protestantism and Catholicism in the positions of Abel and Cain should have brought together all religious spheres. These religions were working independently for the sake of the salvation of humanity, in the various cultural spheres and areas of the world and in accordance with God's overall will. Among them, Christianity was the mainstream religion because it was the religion of God's son. Christianity should have established one nation and one world, that is, a world of peace through true love.

God is the vertical True Parent. How wonderful it would be if God, the vertical Parent, could produce children in the spirit world! However, having children in the spirit world is impossible. That is why God created Adam and Eve horizontally in the position of the True Parents of humankind and through them created a process of birth and growth that would generate the citizens of the heavenly kingdom. A vertical line has only one focal point. Consequently, it cannot engage in reproduction, which requires three dimensions. The volume needed for reproduction appears only when vertical lines meet horizontal lines, thus creating the spatial world.

God does not give birth to babies. They are born through physical (horizontal) parents. Accordingly, God is the vertical True Parent of humankind and Reverend Moon, who carries the horizontal love at a ninety-degree angle to the vertical True Parent, centering on true love, stands in the position of the horizontal True Parent of humanity. The position of the True Parent represents the entire meaning of the long-awaited Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent. This position is based on the teachings of all religions and it manifests their highest purposes. When we find and attend the vertical True Parent and horizontal True Parents and produce children of true love, there is nothing more to be said. The words "True Parents" thus signify the Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent. That is why the representatives of the five great religions, saints and sages, and even those most evil and blind people in history, such as Stalin and Hitler, now in the spiritual world, have proclaimed that Reverend Moon is the Savior of humankind, the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent and the True Parent. They have been sending a series of resolutions from the spirit world declaring their resolve to dedicate themselves to the practice of my teachings.

For the creation of new life, the love of these two parents is absolutely necessary: One parent is our Heavenly Father, the Lord of Creation. He is the vertical and invisible True Parent. The second parent is the horizontal True Parents who have appeared on earth in a substantial body to establish the ideal of creation of the invisible True Parent. Thus, God stands as the True Parent in the position of the mind, and the horizontal True Parents stand in the position of the body.

True Parents Liberate God

Due to the Fall, the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, failed to establish the true family, God's originating ideal of creation. In the Garden of Eden, the archangel tempted Eve, and Adam failed to overcome Eve's subsequent temptation. Thus, self-centered, false love was implanted in this world. In this way, the first human ancestors felt through illicit love, and this false love, which originated from Satan, is the root of the sin and misfortune of humanity.

God's providence of restoration therefore has worked first to remove the wails of conflict that have divided the human mind and body, and then to restore the true family and enlarge the global domain of true love and goodness. I began at an early stage in my life to delve into this truth and the secrets of Heaven, and for more than half a century I have consistently revealed this truth to Christians, to other religious people and to all of humankind. Without this truth, there will be no way to unite the hundreds of different religious groups and Christian denominations, and, moreover, the entire human race.

What has been the source of God's anguish? His anguish lies in the fact that despite weeping for the people and this world, He has not been able to shed tears of joy and of deep emotion for a victorious son. He longed to see His son's substantial victory. That is to say, God's anguish has persisted through history because there was never a person God could affirm as His own historically victorious son.

As humanity now enters a new era, the era after the coming of Heaven, we must enable God to perfect Himself centering on true love. This does not mean there is a part of God Himself that remains less than perfect. It means that human beings, who were created as object partners to God as the perfect subject partner, must become His perfect object partners, that is, true object partners embodying absolute values. We are responsible to resemble the True Parents, who already stand in such a position, and to become the owners of true, ideal family love with whom God, as the subject partner, can be liberated. I made myself into a complete minus and attained such unity with God. In the same way, when the relationship between True Parents and you is that of a substantial plus and minus, you can freely reach the point of unity with God.

Even if you say you have become a family of loyal patriots, it will be of no use if your nation ceases to exist. Without a nation, a patriot has no basis upon which to establish himself in history. So, through the family, the nation must be established; through the nation, the world must be established; and through the world, the cosmos must be established. When you secure such a position, you and your family have the value of owners of the cosmos.

Perfection of the Era After the Coming of Heaven

Ladies and gentlemen, entering the era after the coming of Heaven is a time of true liberation and complete freedom that is unprecedented in history and will never be repeated in the future. It is the time for humanity to escape the Garden of Eden corrupted by the Fall, covered in falsehood and evil due to the error of Adam and Eve. It is time us to rise up with a strong, desperate determination to answer Heaven's call.

You have come here to receive Heaven's command to rid yourselves of the old habits of the era before Heaven and offer your entire mind and body to Heaven, so that you may establish the true universal home of Cheon Il Guk beginning with your family. This is Heaven's command that cannot be disobeyed. It is an absolute decree that you must carry out before you die by responding to Heaven as living offerings.

I have received Heaven's insight that peace is possible for the sake of the world's six billion people only when all religions and philosophies come into harmony and unity in a realm of true love that has the True Parents as its central axis. I am devoting myself more and more strongly in order to bring this about.

Under my leadership, interfaith leaders held a ceremony to crown Jesus and honor Moses and Muhammad in Jerusalem on December 22, 2003. On February 4 of this year, more such leaders held this crown of peace ceremony centering on my son, Heung Jin Nim, and Jesus in Washington DC, the capital of the United States, the second Israel. Then on March 23, they honored me, and my wife, as the "King of World Peace" in a Crown of Peace ceremony held in a Senate office building on Capitol Hill. There, U.S. congressmen and religious leaders from around the world joined me. On that foundation, and to bring the process to a conclusion, today we are holding a Crown of Peace ceremony. I am being honored as the True Love King of Peace in the Republic of Korea, the homeland of the Providence and a country in the position of the parents.

With the designation and declaration of Ahn Shi Il God no longer rests only one day a week, once every seven days. He now rests on all of the seven days, which had been lost, and also on the eighth day, which I have designated as Ahn Shi Il. He is acclaimed as the recognized True Parent of Heaven who can receive joy, attendance and glory from not only the spiritual world but also from all humankind and the creation in the physical world. Now the path has been opened for the entire spirit world to be mobilized to cooperate with the physical world.

When we examine God's creation of human beings, we see that God, who exists in the position of the absolute subject body, created human beings and gave them the heavenly command to become His absolute object partners. Human beings fell, however, and were not able to follow that command to its fulfillment. As a result, people are blind even though their eyes appear to be open. Humankind could not even dream of finding absolute values and relied only on relative values.

Now, however, the lives of the True Parents spanning more than eighty years are your living guide. You can see clearly what can be described as a life of true love. Who can possibly make excuses before the model lives of the True Parents, who have continued to give and give, and to forgive and forgive? Please realize that your life must consist of nothing other than absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

I hope that those who are determined to fulfill the three great revolutions— the revolution through indemnity, the revolution of conscience, and the revolution of heart—in their own daily lives, and open the age of true liberation and complete freedom, will join me in pledging our determination in Heaven's presence.

When you leave today, I hope that you will make good use of the gift of the heavenly fortune that I have given you. This will become the eternal tradition and family heirloom for all your families for generations to come. May God's blessings be with each and every one of you.

Thank you.

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