The Words of the Jenkins Family

Request For Western Members To Join Ahn Shi Il At East Garden

Michael Jenkins
June 15, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The age of Ahn Shi Il is the age of Attendance and Settlement. This is the greatest time to show our heart for the providence by attending True Parents and receiving the inheritance that God has prepared for America.

I have seen how much Father is moved when our Western Members come forward to attend and be with True Parents. Especially when America sisters attend. I sincerely ask that all Western Members consider setting aside Friday morning to come together to show our heart and inspiration to True Parents and our mind to heal America and the World.

Western Members from the East Coast (Boston to Washington regions) are particularly invited for our next Ahn Shi Il at EG on Friday, June 17, 2005. We will gather at 4:30 AM for prayer and the reading and studying of God's Word.

Father and Mother are very inspired when we attend from our hearts.

Many times we pray and feel the longing to see True Parents. This is a wonderful opportunity.

For those outside of the East Coast Regions please confirm your plans to attend by emailing

Let's do it from the heart. God is with us. We are the fourth Israel.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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