The Words of the Jenkins Family

We Are At East Garden At Ahn Shi Il

Michael Jenkins
June 17, 2005

Dear Family,

Just a note. We are sitting here at EG during HDH with True Parents. So many American members from the East Coast came. It has inspired Father very much.

Father is so confident. We must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

True Father is so sure about the Peace Kingdom coming. With this clear and confident mind we should go out now and bring the 12,000 to NY, Washington, Chicago and LA. There are no walls or barriers that can stop the True Love and Truth we share.

Do not hesitate. Reach out and bring everyone who has been prepared. It is possible for one family to bring one thousand.

Don't worry. Just Do It !!!

We are sharing incredible joy with True Parents. Father loves America. That is the bottom line. Today he is sharing incredibly how important America as the Elder Son nation and the Second Israel. He is counting on the people who were chosen to walk with him through the gardens of America and nurture and nourish this holy garden that it might rise again and yield the most beautiful fragrance of peace and equality of all races. We must pour out our sacrifice and all heart to lift up and purify this chosen nation.

This is the time in history. Father, when Won Ju sang the Millenium Rock that it is a holy song. then he said that it was in Danbury prison that he found incredible hope for America. In Danbury he felt hope and was moved to pour out everything he had for America.

With this heart let us pour out everything for America.

God is with us !!!!



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