The Words of the Jenkins Family

Church Outreach Today

Michael Jenkins
June 19, 2005

Dear Family,

Happy Father's Day !! We sincerely request that every possible blessed family and member (in the areas within driving rance of our four event cities) fully support the outreach to Christian churches today. For the Washington and New York events we only have this day. Services are not only in the morning but there are many also in the evening. Father is asking us to break through to another level, not just repeating what we have already done in the past but going to the next level. For that kind of breakthrough to occur, we all need to feel that "I" am responsible to bring people. When we participate in the outreach, then we feel great joy when True Parents come. Father wants to see all of us at HDH the next morning, so we are arranging big rooms for this. (Some cities are preparing for 500 to 1000 for HDH). He wants all the VIPs to come to HDH. We will shine before Father if we make effort from our hearts to help bring the people who are prepared. We are focusing on our existing foundation so that they can be unified and make a condition to "secure" the direction of America.

Please go together with out members who are good at church outreach. The foundation is ready to respond. I am in LA now, working on the outreach. The response is quite amazing. Clergy who would only bring 5 before are committing to bring 50 (of course we have to diligently follow up to make this a reality). Hhowever, before this time many couldn't even think about it. Now they "want" to do it.

Please do all you can to support on this day and throughout this short week leading up to this historic four-city tour.

Let us break through in heart and give all we can to support True Father's tour.

We are deeply grateful. Who can Father turn to with such an urgent heart? The answer is you, the blessed central families.



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