The Words of the Jenkins Family

Message From East Garden

Michael Jenkins
June 24, 2005

Dear Leaders, blessed families and representatives of all the great faiths,

I greet you with a sense of profound love and gratitude for your immediate response to the unfolding providence centering on True Parent's four city tour.

Today Father emphasized:

We must fulfill our responsibility.

The secret is to be found in the proper fulfillment of the Cain / Abel relationship.

Now is the time in which we must fulfill.

Please dearest leaders and chosen people of God. Through off every weight and shackle that hinders you in any way and sacrifice totally to bring the victory by fulfilling the goal for the four city tour.

Do not hesitate or hold back. Do not consider "time is so short". One Day is as One Thousand Years and One Thousand Years is As One Day. Don't worry about time. If you make the right conditions one thousand years of work can be done in one day. Vast accomplishment can come through this tour.

Anyone and everyone that you want to invite must be invited today. Don't hesitate.

Give everything. Women must take a central role to touch the hearts of the people to come together. The Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace from Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism and all faiths are assembled on the Mt. of Zion and with Faith and Action that God's Peace Kingdom is Our Eternal Home. We will proclaim and fulfill this Holy Task before us. We have been chosen for this hour.

PRAY THROUGH THE EIGHT DAYS WHILE YOU ARE IN ACTION. We are the Fourth Israel. We cannot fail if we unite with heart and give True Love to America.

Don't hold back. There is enough time to do what is right for Heaven. DO IT NOW WITH ABSOLUTE FAITH, ABSOLUTE LOVE and ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE.

Instead of asking someone to bring 10, ask them to bring 100. You will be amazed at the spirit that will develop, because this is the will of heaven.

True Parents are so warm and loving right now. It is incredible the confidence and faith Father has in the American movement. Father Trusts Us. Thats why he could give such an impossible direction and proclaim it to the world with confidence that we will fulfill. Father loves America and trusts that with the right conditions this nation and its great people of all races and religions can bring all the nations into Peace and Harmony. The core is our Ambassadors for Peace, Clergy and Blessed Central Families. We must make a total resolve that America will become the shining example and world leader in bringing all people together in total reconciliation and love.

I offer this encouragement to you as I sit with True Parents, Dr. Yang and our key leaders.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Brother in Faith and Action.


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