The Words of the Jenkins Family

This Morning At East Garden

Michael Jenkins
June 24, 2005

Dear Family,

We are here with True Parents at EG. Several key ACLC clergy are here along with Dr. Walsh, Dr. Hendricks, Tajh Hammad and other key leaders.

Father was gave very deep guidance concerning the role of Chirstianity and America and the most important aspect that Faith must be substantiated. Jesus taught and practiced Loving Your Enemy.

If we love Jesus we must practice this. America must practice this love for the world. Father expressed that though he suffered greatly in America he deeply loves America. That is the basis of the four city tour. To express God's love and True Parents love for America and call on America to bring peace to the World.

Father was happy to see Rev. Rawls, Bishop Pugh and Rev. Gray. He mentioned that he was happy to see black and white clergy united. He mentioned how important it was that Bishop Stallings was able to make an Interracial / International Marriage. This will be a key aspect of bringing harmony among the races and peace to the world.

He also expressed that though there was so much persecution from Christianity, when he sees the clergy he feels that now the important Christian leaders are coming to understand and support Father.

He encouraged the clergy to go beyond the boundaries of the nation and think about saving the world. We must lift up America to lead the way. The clergy should become so strong that the top leaders of this nation must listen to their advise or they will not be able to remain as leaders.

Father's message went into great depth with the Bible and then encouraged the leaders that America must be the leader to embrace all the faiths and the whole world.

Let us bring total victory on the historic "THIS IS GOD'S TIME" Peace Tour.



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